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Ulaanbaatar carpet JSC was established in 1971. Located in Mongolia, a very famous name in carpet manufacturing as their products have rich colors and beauty and high durability ensured by their high quality wool, sheep and fine workmanship. In 1992, the company had transformed into a Joint Stock Company. The company has around 550 employees; The main goal for the corporate is profit maximization Annual turnover around 2.5millions dollars. The Ulaanbaatar carpet factory is 100% private, shareholder – based company that processes Mongolian sheep wool and offers high quality carpets in local and international market. The classical traditional and modern patterns, beautiful colors, various sizes, high density and best Mongolian sheep wool guaranteed.

Current Situation:

The company has been selling public shares since March 23, 1992 with the initial price of 100 MNT per 1 unit of stock. The Carpet factory exports 40% of its products to Russia, USA, and China and European countries. Today, the company is a leader in its sector, and well known among customers by its brand name “Altanbulag”. Ulaanbaatar Carpet had gained customer satisfaction for its warm soft qualities and for not having a negative effect on health and environment.

The Plant: Large, Clean installation.
Equipments: Modern, well kept & well maintained, last upgrade was in 1989 Production: 400,000 m2 / year.
Production system: 50% workers & 50% automated tasks.
Manufacturing Process : very good quality wool, imporved total quality manufacturing process by unsophisticated method like visual detection, sampin , touching the carpet. Painting section: less sophisticated tech.

Patterns: Group designers.
Employees: 550, 2 shifts 7am to 10 pm.
Market demand: Inelastic
Sales: 269 millions 51% of them are export sales
Expenses: 41 millions.
Mark-up : 30%
Profit : 69 millions.

The problem:

The company is still production oriented and now is trying to move towards...
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