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| 2010|
| Universidad Pablo de Olavide
Víctor Rubio Malo de Molina

[Case Study – ZAra]|
Marketing Management – First Assignment|


Case preparation3
- Write a brief synopsis of the company background3

Questions to answer:4
- Explain the evolution of fashion market (product, environment, target…).4
- Which are the most important differences between “Marketing orientation” and “Market Orientation”? What do you think is better nowadays?4
- Why Inditex and Zara is a paradigmatic example of market orientation?4
- What does “chain value” mean? How is the Zara chain value (i.e. how do Inditex and Zara create value?)5
- What does “competitive advantage” mean? Which is the competitive advantage of Zara and how is it implemented?5

Case preparation

- Write a brief synopsis of the company background

In 1973 Amancio Ortega Gaona, Inditex Group’s president and main shareholder, created a company specialised in producing dressing gowns and underwear. Two years later he opened the first Zara store in La Coruña. The big growth of the company happened in the 90’s, when the group introduced new brands into their products’ portfolio creating the “Pull & Bear” brand and acquiring Massimo Dutti. After this they followed the same expansion strategy, creating new brands such as Lefties; Bershka; and also acquired their main competitor, “Stradivarius” (1999). Nowadays the Zara and Inditex group is considered as a multinational corporation, which could be defined as an enterprise which owns or controls their production and services facilities outside the country in which they are based. The group offers services in 4.780 outlets on 77 countries all over the world.

Questions to answer:

- Explain the evolution of fashion market (product, environment, target…).

At first, fashion products were considered as luxury goods but now, everyone has the possibility of accessing to these kind of products. This issue...
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