P6 Unit 12

Topics: Marketing, Business, Internet service provider Pages: 7 (2006 words) Published: January 18, 2013

Course: International Business Studies

Name company: Zara

Student name: Karen

Schoolyear : 2012/2013


Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Background of Zara
Chapter 3: Managing overload of market feedback and meeting higher customer expectations Chapter 5: Technological challenges
Chapter 6: Maximum exposure to internet service providers (ISP) Chapter 7: Cultural differences
Chapter 8 : Lower customer confidence
Chapter 9: Other globalisation related challenges
Chapter 10: Conclusion and Rescources

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The purpose of this rapport is to introduce Zara in a way not many people think about now, in this report we will be going back in time to the very start. Now a days everybody knows who Zara is and what Zara does. Zara is well known for its online selling and stores which are located in almost every city as well.

In this report I will investigate what globalisation challenges Zara had to/has to face when going online. The Internet is a big world which you can easily enter, but there are also a lot of challenges the organisations who decide to have to face. A business should response effectively to survive the challenges of globalisation.

Althrough many challenges occus businesses have the opportunity to help overvome them. In this report you will get to know about the challenges that businesses may have to deal with that can include certain situations.

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Background of Zara

On May 15, 1975 the first Zara store in La Coruña was opened. In 1985, Zara enters the business of fast fashion. In 1988 Zara opened its first store outside Spain, in Portugal. And in 1994 she opened a shop in Sweden. Which is the home of her closest competitor: H&M.

Zara is one of the leading companies in the International Fashion World. Zara is member of Inditex, Inditex is one of the biggest distribution groups worldwide.

What most people do not know about Zara is that Zara is a Spanish company which is based in Arteixo, Galicia. Zara is a retail that was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera. Zara launches around 10,000 new designs every year, this is a huge amount and this is how Zara manages to stay on top of the race. Zara is known for it’s fast fashion production to low cost countries. Zara only takes two weeks to produce, this is why when on the website is shown that the item is sold out it is refilled so fast.

Managing overload of market feedback and Meeting higher customer expectations

There are some businesses situated online which receive more customer feedback than other businesses.

Feedback can include comliments, complaints and new suggestions for the organisation to make it work more effeciently. Feedback is a very good way of marketing and most businesses appreciate customer opinions and ideas. Businesses, and this includes Zara inc. also, use this tool to their full advantage to satisfy their customer. Because in this way Zara also builds a one-on-one-relationship with their customers.

Even though this is an advantage , Internet marketing allows businesses to accur errors such as the obstacle of managing the volume of individual/group custumers profiles. As an online organisation, Zara can be seen globally and everyone has acces and the oppurtunity to write them about any matter and overload of comments can become an concern because some of them might be important and some of them just dont matter. In this way, customer feedback can become an problem. Zara can have this problem occus within their business but they have thought through it and make sure that everyone is being answered. This Zara has done by making sure the staff is always pressent to answer them back as soon as possible. In this way, Zara can meet the customers expectations because the customer expects to be treaten as a king or queen and does not expect Zara not to answer their complain or even a “Thank you we...
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