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In 2012, Marketo embarked on our Social Marketing Rockstar Tour where we visited 15 cities across the nation to talk about implementing, executing, and measuring social strategy. We met marketing interns all the way up the ladder to CEOs, spoke to marketers from every industry, and networked with both large companies of 10,000+ employees and small companies of 10. The common denominator? An intense interest in social media and a desire to learn how to use it more holistically in every marketing campaign. Every organization uses social in a different way. At each stop on the tour we collected insights from over 2000 customer attendees on how they are using social in their marketing today, plus any tips and lessons that they have learned along the way. We have gone through each entry and have compiled the best of the best!


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Make sure you have the ability to track “who” your social followers are and “where” they go. And then use that data to nurture. Barbara Holt @barbaraholt Marketing Communications Specialist, Rimage/Qumu


More is not necessarily better. Post things that are relevant, useful, and thoughtful rather than just lots of posts. Paul Odnoletkov @Geosoft
Global Marketing Associate, Geosoft, Inc.

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When someone posts on a social channel, you need to try and immediately respond. Don’t fall victim to poor “listening.” David George @SystemSensor
Director, Marketing Communications, Honeywell

1) Control your message. 2) Make your message consistent. 3) Put a social media policy in place. Lyndsey McDermand @YSIinc
Marcom Coordinator, YSI, Inc

Lessons learned: not linking our social platforms together and being too “self-focused”. Also, you need to provide relevant content to target audiences. Liz Bartek @Liz_Bartek
Senior Internet Marketing Consultant, Social Media

Try not to post too much company centric news--you will almost always be bragging too much. We learned to post more relevant industry and analyst news to balance out our promotions. Lauren Twele @Symplified

Online Marketing Manager, Symplified

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Oversharing and not listening. Social is a 2-way conversation! Paul Odnoletkov @Geosoft
Global Marketing Associate, Geosoft, Inc.

Don’t just push content links. Engage! It has to be a conversation. Jared Jost @SmarshInc Marketing Analyst, Smarsh


Listen using Radian6. We have a presence across all common platforms (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). We actively push out promotional messages, and engage with and respond to brand mentions. Stephen Allcock @questrade Supervisor, Marketing Automation, Questrade


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Always test to see what works in paid advertising. And then constantly re-assess based on your findings. Jill Petre @jillpetre Marketing Coordinator, SendGrid

Integrate your social media tactics into a tool that tracks your outreach, so you can see what works and what doesn’t Marchell Gillis @MarchellGillis Digital PR Manager

It can be difficult to monetize social media when you are learning! Try not to be too conservative at first. Frank D. Sledge @Circadence Corporate Communications/Legal Affairs, Circadence

Cast a wide net with Facebook ads and make sure you are incentivizing sharing. Adam Barker @Educated_Travel Web Marketing and Design Manager, NETC


Measurement is more than last click/referral attribution. Other KPIs should include engagement, amplification, and reach. Marketing Manager, ShopIgniter

Kelly Cooper @kellyjcoop

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Social media with limited paid ads is priming the pump. But then know when to dial down the paid and let it grow organically. Michael Kolowich @MichaelKolowich CEO KnowledgeVision CEO KnowledgeVision


Always use social media to reach prospects and customers. And measure the influence of your current efforts in terms of demand generation. Dorinne Hoss @Cleversafe Marketing Manager, Cleversafe

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