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Honelyn A. Borja

Marketing in a Digital Age

We all know that the technology today is rapidly changing together with the people. People nowadays, know how to use the new technology because of the generation today that we lived. So, many marketing people change their strategy for the sake of the business, many tycoons entered E-commerce for them to sell their products because they know that their customers are in the internet.

Your Customers in a Digital Age
Won’t call you during regular hours
Demand 24/7 info delivery channel
Can find competitor as easy as they find you.
Limited physical compare shopping.

Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

Includes efforts that inform, communicate, promote, and sell products and services over the Internet. E-commerce benefits both buyers and sellers

Buyer Benefits of E-Commerce:
Easy and private
Greater product access/selection
Access to comparative information
Interactive and immediate
Seller Benefits of E-Commerce:
Relationship building
Reduced costs
Increased speed and efficiency
Global access, global reach

Conducting E-Commerce

E-tailers, search engines and portals, ISPs, transaction sites, enabler sites Dot.coms failed for many reasons
Lack of planning and research
Over emphasis on acquisition vs. retention
Poor web site design / distribution systems
Low margins

Click-and-Mortar Companies
Channel conflict was initially a concern
E-commerce often created new customers, rather than cannibalizing existing ones Many firms now enjoy greater success than their click-only competition Trusted brand names, greater financial resources, larger customer base, industry knowledge, and strong supplier relationships were key advantages

Creating web sites
Corporate web sites
Build goodwill and relationships; generate excitement
Marketing web sites
Engage consumers
and attempt to influence purchase
Web site design
7 Cs of effective web site design
Placing online ads and promotions
Online forms of ads and promotions
Banner ads/tickers
Browser ads
Content sponsorships
Viral marketing
Future of online ads
Creating or using web communities
Web communities allow members with special interests to exchange views Social communities
Work-related communities
Marketers find well-defined demographics and shared interests useful when marketing Using E-mail and webcasting
E-mail marketing
Key tool for B2B and B2C marketing
Clutter is a problem
Enriched forms of
e-mail attempt to break through clutter
Auto downloading of customized content to recipients’ PCs 6 Rules of Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age
To reach to the digital consumer, you have to become one.
As consumers become more familiar with digital technology, businesses are evolving their marketing strategies to meet expectations. Websites and applications are now considered an essential part of a brand’s presence. The digital age is making it possible for brands to connect with their clients all over the world and reach out effectively to their specific target audiences. However, with so much reach, it is easy to get befuddled and make mistakes while communicating to your audiences digitally. Here’s our list of top six rules that your marketing team should know about: (“Rules of Marketing”, 2010)

1. Digital does not mean machine-like:
While digital gives you the opportunity to reach out to millions with a single click, it also poses a problem: if not monitored properly, it will not be as effective as face-to-face communication. Since your customers are interacting with you through electronic media, they need to be able to see the human side of the interaction to trust you and do business with you. Take away the robotic feel of...

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