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International Marketing
Take home Assignment “Schott- Ceran”
IM-08 group B
Mohammed Mohammed Salah Eldin Abd Elrehim

Tuesday 4-9-2012

International Marketing
Case study

Executive Summary:
Schott is a major Multinational company laid in Mainz ,Germany running a heavy portfolio including many different industries such as glass dependant industries such as manufacturing Lens for telescopes ,pharmaceutical ampoules, fire resistant glass , solar thermal power system, fibro-optic cables, electronic packing component for Aviation purposes , and of course glass-ceramic cooking surface ”CERAN® “, Schott is present in many different countries and lying down an investments of billions in both Research & development in their labs in Germany as well as investing in expanding into different countries especially Large markets with potentials such as China and india that was reached by 2008, in the late 1980s Schott start thinking to expand into Usa market especially North district targeting about 14 states haeding directly to major companies and manufacturers of home appliances through its subsidiary in USA , however after they had show their capabilities and high Tech. of their product CERAN , they possible clients just had ordered some few pieces for Demo then no further orders was made on the contrary to what Schott had expected being confident in the value & quality of their glass-ceramic Ceran , & to realize the choke from such problem It’s worth mentioning that Schott had sold about millions of pieces by this time .

realizing that there is a major issues hindring their sales in USA Schott had worked extensively to solve out such problem Today Schott had made a huge success in USA and the whole market is talking about Schott success without paying any attention to such initial lethal drop and surfing the WEB not showing only too little info about such situation , SCHOTT now had been selling millions of Ceran pieces in USA

1- ceran technique is highly sophisticated technically
-Need certain standards with the pots and cook ware to be used with certain thickness and some degree of concavity -Need certain products for cleaning and periodic cleaning
- too many precautions and instructions for cleaning and handling cook top are needed to keep them functioning well and keep their fantastic appearance for long time -Stains and some cooking spots if unremoved immediately it will be a permanent damage 2- when Schott enters the USA market the only color available for her cook top was the black ... white and gray colors, metallic, elegant and attractive looking color shades and transparent cook top were achieved later on also one of Its major competitive advantage now “safety-free from toxic material arsenic and antimony was not achieved at that time “2002” 3- facing competition with the traditional cooking appliances glass especially domestic companies 4- As with other brands of ceramic cook tops , Schott Ceran® products are susceptible to scratches and damage from melted plastic, improper use and accidents. 5- higher cost than ordinary glass used in appliances

6- need certain requirements:
-only stainless steel or enameled steel could be used “Glass ceramic cookware as it does not conduct heat well a” -Pans with copper or aluminum bases are also not suitable for cooking as these may leave residues which are very difficult to remove. If aluminum residues are not removed with a suitable cleaning agent immediately after cooking, they may leave permanent burning stains and make the appearance of the cook top less attractive. Assumptions:

1-For manufacturers of kitchens and household appliances Besides the surfaces of kitchen furniture, several other considerations play an important role. To begin with, esthetic and emotional, but also technical-functional aspects and, thirdly, the quality and instrumentation of the appliances...
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