Marketing and Strategic Management Questions and Answers

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The Examination: Some Guidelines

To help with any queries you may have about the examination, I have written some guidelines below. You will have had experience preparing exam questions in your review sessions. The following document provides some further hints and tips, with some sample questions at the end. I have also attached a document with questions from January and Resit last year, with an outline of what the answer should contain.

What do I have to do?

In the examination, you will be asked to select three questions to answer from a choice of six. Very broadly, these areas might be taken from the nine major sections listed in the course outline as below.

3) Marketing to Consumers & Consumer Behaviour

* Why is customer analysis an important component of strategic marketing management? Making reference to a company of your choice suggest TWO models that can be used in undertaking such an analysis.

* With reference to models and products of your choice, describe both the Consumer Buying Process and four common types of behaviour that consumer’s exhibit.

* Explain, using examples, how marketers try to influence consumers at the different stages of the consumer decision process.

5) Product Strategy, Brand Management

* Describe and discuss each of the key stages involved in new product development and explain why innovation is a key marketing strategy for organisations today.

* What is the Boston share/growth matrix? [30] In turn, give an example product for each of the four boxes and describe the marketing implications. [70]

* What is a positioning map and how are they useful to marketers? [50] For an industry of your choice draw an example of a positioning map with at least 6 product/brands located on it according to appropriate criteria with comments on the strengths and weaknesses of each location. [50]

* Assess the advantages and disadvantages of brand extensions. Use appropriate examples to illustrate your answer.

* Examine the components of effective brand positioning, illustrating your answer with examples of well-positioned brands and poorly positioned ones.

6) Pricing Strategy

* Discuss the following strategy using pricing theories and concepts from the course: The only reason that companies set low prices is that their products are undifferentiated.

* List and explain the keys mistakes a strategic marketer could make when setting the price of a good or service.

* You have been asked by a company specialising in consumer electronics about the pricing of a new product about to be launched. Describe the factors that the company should consider in setting the price of their new product.

* Discuss how pricing should play a strategic rather than a tactical role for an organisation. Use relevant industry examples to illustrate your answer.

7) Distribution Strategy

* Marketing channel issues are amongst the most important decisions that management faces. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

* Why might a supply channel become disintermediated?

8) Promotions Strategy, Marketing Communications

* Advertising is the most obvious form of promotion. Using examples, describe at least three other forms of promotional activity.

* Identify and discuss the key strategic actions marketers must take to ensure Integrated Marketing Communications are successful.

* Different advertising campaigns can have different objectives. With reference to recent examples, list and discuss four different types of objective.

* There are five main promotional tools. Define each and use examples to illustrate their potential usefulness.

9) Services Marketing

* Using strategic marketing theories and concepts, state whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Creating marketing strategies for services is no different to the marketing of goods”.

* Discuss the...
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