Marketing Analysis of Energy Gum

Topics: Caffeine, Chewing gum, Gum Pages: 4 (2241 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Executive Summary
Energy Gum was first developed for Military and Security Agencies for situations requiring fast action and to improve physical performance as well as health benefits. Based on the market we are looking to strengthening this product name and image as well increase profits over the year. Introduction

Energy Gum is a gum where caffeine is the key ingredient with a combination of energy ingredients like B-vitamins, Ginseng, Guarana, and Taurine. The energy can be a boost to your mental stamina, mental efficiency, alertness, or anything that you are going to perceive as brain boost. Energy Gum stops fatigue instantly. It provides the most rapid absorption of caffeine through the mouth, while also being the most solid, lightweight, and convenient method of delivery. The most common Energy Gums brands in the market today are Jolt Energy Gum and Military Energy Gum. According to the Military Energy Gum website, Energy gum improves cognitive abilities, marksmanship, physical performance, and overall vigilance. It makes you stay alert while having fun at the same time. Energy Gum energizes like energy drink but taste like fresh mint. It is scientifically proven to increase mental and physical stimulation. According to Jolt gum website, it is designed to get the energy into your body as fast as possible, up to 5 times faster than an energy drink or coffee. It contains caffeine plus Guarana and Ginseng to give you a fast, even and long-lasting energy boost. Ginseng is known throughout the world for its therapeutic and energy enhancing effects. Guarana on the other hand is a fruit common in Brazil, and typically has about twice the concentration of caffeine as a coffee bean. The energy Gum combines Caffeine, Guarana and Ginseng to give you a fast and long- lasting energy boost. The caffeine in Jolt Energy Gum for example is exactly the same molecule as in coffee except for the spilling part of energy drink or coffee. Jolt Energy Gum claims that they...
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