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The Full STP Process
The Full STP Process
The market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) process is a fundamental concept in understanding marketing and the strategies of firms. In most marketing textbooks, the STP approach is presented as a simple three step process. While that approach provides a good introduction to this marketing concept, it fails to adequately highlight the smaller steps of the STP process that should also be understood. The following diagram highlights the overall STP process in nine steps:  

The following is a quick discussion of the full market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) process, as shown above. Step One – Define the market
In the first step in this more detailed model is to clearly define the market that the firm is interested in. This may sound relatively straightforward but it is an important consideration. For example, when Coca-Cola looks at market segmentation they would be unlikely to look at the beverage market overall. Instead they would look at what is known as a sub-market (a more product-market definition). A possible market definition that Coca-Cola could use might be diet cola soft drinks in South America. It is this more precise market definition that is segmented, not the overall beverage market, as it is far too generic and has too many diverse market segments. Step Two – Create market segments

Once the market has been defined, the next step is to segment the market, using a variety of different segmentation bases/variables in order to construct groups of consumer. In other words, allocate the consumers in the defined market to similar groups (based on market needs, behavior or other characteristics). Step Three – Evaluate the segments for viability

After market segments have been developed they are then evaluated using a set criteria to ensure that they are useable and logical. This requires the segments to be assessed against a checklist of factors, such as: are the segments...
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