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Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: January 10, 2014
Thinking about marketing
In the last 3 weeks, marketing topics that had been introduced such as marketing principles, marketing in the firm and marketing environment. All these frameworks content had been shape out very insightful marketing perspective to the class. Market is changing even faster than marketing in this contemporary business world (Tybout & Alicw & Bobby & Philip, 2010). Researcher asserted that yet many of new marketing perspective have not kept pace (Tybout & Alicw & Bobby & Philip, 2010) but the marketing pace of changed has increased. In the last few decades, there are some new marketing conceptual transition had been emerged such as the marketing mix 4Ps, relationship marketing and service dominate logic (Baines & Fill & Page, 2011) which had been broadly adopted by marketer. Market strategy insights

These notions had been impetus of the growth for marketing conceptualizations. However, with so many companies looking for innovative marketing strategy, it is inevitable firm to continuous develop new innovative business strategy to source new consumer (Tybout & Alicw & Bobby & Philip, 2010). For instance, in retrospect media channels such as blogs, YouTube, electronics billboards are accessed via computer. However, in recent years, develop advertisement in smartphone mobile apps or access media channel via smartphone or tablet PC had become another emergence media trend to consumer. Marketer belief irrespective which notion approach to, marketing strategy is prevalent to access different aspect of strategy notion (Baines & Fill & Page, 2011) as the underpinning ideology. Thus, It has become another future direction for marketer to approach with. Extended STP marketing strategy review

STP process is the fundamental of marketing strategy; it had been integral to the formation of marketing strategy for over 60 years (Baines & Fill & Page, 2011). It is known that segmentation; targeting and positioning, all these 3 pillars activities will need...
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