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Business Report of Lindt chocolate – Lindor Gift Box

1. Executive summary

Lindt&Sprüngli started in 1845 as a Swiss chocolate and confectionery company. It focuses on making high quality and luxury chocolates. Lindt is the first truly melting chocolate in the world. They choose the cocoa beans that they use to make chocolates very strictly. There are numerous categories of their chocolate products in the market and they also have their own chocolate stores all over the world.


1. Executive Summary2
2. Table of Contents3
3. Introduction 4
3.1. Purpose4
3.2. Background4
3.3. Scope4
3.4. Limitations4
3.5. Plan4
4. Body of the Report5
4.1. Industry Background5
4.2. Product Categories5
4.3. Environment5
4.4. Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning6
4.5. Buyer Behaviour6
4.6. Evaluations of Needs and Wants7
5. Conclusion7
6. References8

3. Introduction

3.1 Purpose
Lindt Lindor gift box is a high-end product, which stands for a luxurious and classical confectionery. The purpose of this report is to analyze the market of Lindt Lindor gift box chocolate by looking at several marketing elements.

3.2 Background
Lindt&Sprüngli started in a small pastry shop in Switzerland in 1845. At that time people knew chocolate as a drink but David Sprüngli-Schward and his son dared to do the new form of chocolate- solid bars.

3.3 Scope
The scope of this report is to give an introduction of Lindt&Sprüngli and analyze the market such as the environment, segmentation, targeting and positioning and buyer behavior.

3.4 Limitations
The limitation of this report is that the accurate figure of market size and share cannot be found. Lindt&Sprüngli Pty Ltd in Australia does not have much information on the Internet.

3.5 Plan
This report is mainly going to state the environment and segmentation, targeting, positioning and buyer behavior regarding to Lindt Lindor gift box chocolate.

4. Body of the report

4.1 Industry Background
Lindt’s revenue in 2012 is $2.67 billion and their market trend in 2012 is 7.3% of growth. The market share in 2012 is 4.2% (Nieburg, 2013). The competitors of Lindt chocolate are Cadbury, Ferrero and Guylian.

4.2 Product categories
Lindt offers Excellence, Lindt Blocks, Lindor and Pralines chocolates. Excellence is the finest quality block chocolate and Lindt Blocks are the normal block chocolate. Lindor are the round ball chocolates and they are usually wrapped as gifts. Pralines are the finest chocolate and have been lovingly decorated. In addition, all these chocolates have many flavors that can be chose.

5.3 Environment
Lindor gift box’s competitors are Ferrero and Guylian due to they all have their box product. In addition, their market positioning is all high quality royal chocolates. Ferrero is a big company whose market share is much bigger than Lindt. Guylian is not as famous as Lindt. However, Ferrero’s package categories are not as much as Lindt’s. Guylian’s market share is less than Lindt and it is lack of new idea of the products. Lindt has its own suppliers, which are the cocoa beans farmers. They mainly import the cocoa beans from South America, Caribbean and Ghana. Ghana is especially famous of the high quality standards cocoa beans (Heffes, 2003). The cocoa beans suppliers cannot always supply the quantity that they required so Lindt makes a fair trade with the farmers, which means the farmers can provide the raw materials constantly (Lindt, 2013). The main intermediaries of Lindt gift box in Australia are Woolworths, Coles and Costco. They are the resellers of Lindt. In the macroenvironment, demographic include the consumer’s age, sex, location and occupation etc. Generally speaking, women are more interested in gift box chocolate than men and especially the young ladies. They cannot resist the exquisite packages of...

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