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Topics: Tea, Lipton, Customer Pages: 5 (1484 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Part A: Value proposition of Lipton Yellow Label
Lipton: Drink Positive
Lipton offers its consumers, the best taste to go with unmatchable quality with a variety of flavors in tea for them to feel good about themselves and the people around them so it helps people stay connected. Lipton offers an option to tea lovers to enjoy their favorite drink in an exciting and refreshing way. It follows a ‘more for more principle’, comparing it to the industry that it belongs to, Lipton is a bit more expensive than the other brands but it provides its consumers with the best quality as well as the taste. Part B: Target market of Lipton Yellow Label

Lipton’s target market involves specifically females in Pakistan. Since here in Pakistan it’s the ‘married females’ who go for grocery shopping so Lipton targets them. Judging from their TV Commercials they target the urban areas of Pakistan who come in the category of average middle class or above. Part C: Relationship building by Lipton Yellow Label

Lipton tries to become a part of everyone’s family. Their advertisements (Pakistan) are non fictional, they are just true daily life routines of people. Lipton being part of them shows how the brand seeks to have an emotional attachment with everyone. Apart from this Lipton has a personalized page on social media websites such as Facebook. Where they wish people on the religious festivals and frequently give people reasons to drink Lipton. Also update them of any new promotions like a new product. If they come up with new product they initially create awareness of that product by providing free samples at the supermarkets and various other shopping outlets.

Part D: Customer retention by Lipton Yellow Label
Over the past 100 years since Lipton was established they have not compromised on their quality and taste thus customers have remained loyal to them. Also Lipton prices it products very carefully ensuring the customers do not feel that it’s not worth drinking Lipton anymore. Lipton is also easily accessible from anywhere you go; from a big super market to a small general store you find the yellow Lipton tea everywhere. Its color with its name has certainly become generic. This easy accessibility gives the consumers convenience, taste to go with quality as a result customers are loyal to Lipton.

Part A: Value proposition of Qubee
Qubee: Join in
Qubee is an internet service provider that aims to provide fast and reliable internet experience without delay to everyone, everyday without exception at a very affordable price. It follows a ‘less for more’ principle in which the internet charges are reduced by making the best possible use of the WIMAX technology, periodically and the consumers can enjoy the benefit of internet twenty four hours a day without any hindrance. So the benefits derived far exceed the price the customers pay Part B: Target market of Qubee

Qubee has a large target market, it aims to reach all the residential users and as well as small businesses across Pakistan.

Part C: Relationship building by Qubee
Since Qubee belongs to the services sector it has to take an extra care about the relationship building with its customers. The staff at Qubee’s service centers is well equipped with communication skills. They give you personalized one on one service. When you enter the service centre they offer you a seat which is extremely comfortable, there is a Qubee representative welcoming you, they make you realize that you are important for them and give you the most respect. The people on their helpline are extremely courteous, polite, helpful and most importantly knowledgeable. They are prompt in responding to customer needs. So this entire process of customer relationship makes the customer feel at ease and comfort. Qubee also maintains a page on Facebook from where clients are informed about the new packages as well as complaints are taken care off. Qubee makes sure all the complaints are resolved within 24 hours...
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