Drink in Trend: Thailand

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Drink in Trend
Marketeer Magazine (Sep 2008)

Thailand Non Carbonated Drink Market 2008
Market Value (million baht) Growth Rate
Carbonated soft drink 40,000-4%
Energy drink 30,000-1%
Bottled water 15,00012%
Ready to drink coffee9,5008%
Soy milk8,50010.7%
Yogurt drink8,4195.4%
Fruit juice7,5005%
Ready to drink tea4,00016%
Malt beverage 3,09112%
Sparkling drink 3,0001%
Functional drink 3,000100%
Source: NC Nelson and beverage companies

Ready to drink tea
In the past 1 to 2 years, ready to drink tea market seem declining. But in the first half of 2008, ready to drink tea market grew 16% in market value and 13% in quantity while the entire beverage market grew 5% only. This is the result of intensive marketing activities in the market. Consumers perceive that green tea is for health and wellness whereas black tea is for refreshment

Source: Pepsi Co Trading Co., Ltd

Source: Oishi

Source: T.C. Pharmaceutical. Total market value: Bt. 3,600 million Lipton
Lipton is the market leader of black tea segment (with 80% market share0 In the first half of 2008, Lipton ready to drink tea grew 30%. Lipton launched Lipton 9 to create an image of Lipton as the expert in tea products. 3-4 years ago, Lipton Wave green tea was not succeed and withdrew from the market. The selling point of Lipton 9 is new green tea product with 9 kinds of herbs. Asian believe these herbs are good for health. Thailand is the first market that for Lipton 9

Target group: female aged 20-39 years / with health and beauty conscious. A Bt20 million marketing budget has injected to build awareness of the new product with product trial road shows for 900,000 consumers, advertising through major media channels and photo contests on www.lipton9.com. Sermsuk expects Lipton 9 to carve out 4-5% of the green tea market this year Product price of Lipton 9: can Bt. 14 and PET bottle Bt. 18 Key person:

Mr. Isaress Sundravorakul, marketing manager of Serm Suk
Ms. Ratchada, non carbonated drink director, Pepsi Co

In order to tap the functional drink trend, Oishi launched green tea product with chlorophyll – substance in green plant which helps to improve body’s blood circulation and increase oxygen level. Marketing budget for launching Oishi green tea - chlorophyll: Bt. 10 m Key person: Tan Paskornnatee, managing director

Puriku’s mixed berry flavor not only creates a big success for the brand but also a new trend and category for ready to drink tea market: tea + fruit juice. Even Oishi, the market leader, has to follow and launched Oishi green tea mixed berry flavored at the same size 350 ml. Puriku fruit white tea is positioned as refreshment drink for teenagers aged 12-17 years instead of functional drink for adult. It is because functional tea drink consumed time to educate consumer; and adult with health conscious prefers drinking water and fruit juice. Moreover, teenagers love the sweet and sour taste of fruit tea. Other than sell in 500 ml bottle and priced Bt. 20 as other brands, Puriku put its fruit white tea in smaller bottle 350 ml and sells Bt. 12 a bottle. It gets a well response from teenagers whom live in other provinces and has limited pocket money. Strengthen the brand image by adapting famous duo boy band “Golf , Mike” as presenter Puriku will launch new flavor every year. Currently Puriku has 4 flavors. Key person: Suwandee Chaivaroot, marketing manager

Zenya has released two functional green tea products: 1. Zenya light plus fiber (same taste as original flavor but amount of calories reduced by 50%) and 2. Zenya C 100 plus (added 100 mg of vitamin c)

Functional Drink
Even functional drink’s market value grow double every year but it is still not very popular in Thailand market because: oThais do not accept the product yet. It has to take longer time to...
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