Mark Pingle: Literary Heavyweight

Topics: Management, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: April 22, 2014
A role model for some, a source of unending knowledge for others, Professor Mark Pingle has made his impact on University of Nevada students for over two decades. His work in the Department of Economics has been praised by his fellow faculty members as well as by his students. As a published writer and Professor of Economics, Mark hopes to “convey novel ideas in a meaningful manner,” within all of his publications and lectures, yet this wasn’t always the case. Mark grew up on a cattle ranch in Oregon his entire life. After eighteen years of throwing hay bales around, the economic prodigy started thinking about what sort of career path he should go down. He never thought his career choice would be to preach economics all year round, but when he arrived at college in 1983 he truly found his passion. What he found most interesting was the study of why people make the choices they do, which is the study of economics. He now is a renowned professor among his students in the College of Business, with one student in his Economics 303 course even stating that he is “The best professor hands down. Very helpful, knowledgeable, understanding, and overall teaches an interesting class.” He has published writings, papers, as well as books during his twenty-five year career. His works include: Journal of Gambling Studies, Journal of Economic Education, Journal of Economic Psychology, and Journal of Macroeconomic Dynamics. He holds the respected position of Associate Editor for two other journals: Journal of Socio-Economics and his most recent undertaking Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Recently, I have had the honor to interview Professor Pingle. When asked what tool Professor Pingle uses in order to improve his writing, his response wasn’t surprising “Reading provides content. Some research writing involves synthesizing previous research. Reading also provides food for thought. To be creative, you need motivation and some building blocks. Reading provides...
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