Marine Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Waste Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Humanities – 12 marker – Marine Pollution.

Marine Ecosystem - the sea.
Pollution – When harmful substances make the air, land or water dirty. Pollutant – A harmful substance that causes pollution, such as exhaust fumes.

There are many different causes of marine pollution. I am going to analyse all the different ways in which marine pollution happens, and the effects that this has on the environment, and if there are any solutions. People exploit the sea in a number of ways, such as for leisure activities, for hydro- electric power and for travelling. Some causes of marine pollution are; dumping at sea. This is where ships dispose of rubbish in the sea. It is also done through sewage sludge and dredging. Disposing of hazardous waste at sea. This is where harmful substances are disposed into the sea. This includes dumping dangerous chemicals etc. and finally, marine transport, like boats. These produce CO2 when moving, and also can have oil leaks and other cargo spills which will damage the marine ecosystem. These causes of marine pollution have a number of effects on the environment, animals, and us as people. Human health can be threatened. People who go into the sea, especially people who use the sea a lot, like surfers, are exposing themselves to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins in the sea. If the surfers were to accidentally swallow some of the water, or if the water managed to get into their body, they could be affected by the chemicals, and it could make them very ill. Marine pollution also has effect on the land, as some of the rubbish that is dumped can be washed back up on to our beaches. This has an impact on humans because people don’t want to visit a beach covered in rubbish. This effectively means that disposing of waste in the sea doesn’t solve the problem, as rubbish will still come back up to land and it is also creating another type of pollution – visual pollution. Not only does marine pollution have an effect on humans, it also has...
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