Marie Antonette

Topics: French Revolution, Marie Antoinette Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Did Marie Antoinette deserve to die?
Line 45) Marie grew more unpopular by the day and the people of France didn’t approve of her Austrian relations. Line 47) much like the population even members of the royal family began question Marie, even the kings own brother Line 54) a scandal was created before the revolution framing Marie for purchasing a diamond necklace that cost great amounts of money, Though it was actually a plot to start hatred for Marie. Line 72) before the revolution Marie actually attempted to help her people visiting charities though it went unnoticed
Line 10) Marie though often criticized for interrupting in court did not do so as much as she was accused; she tried to have the French people on her side. Line 16) in the stages before Bastille day Marie appointed Jacques Necker to help the third estate but changed after the rebellion began to keep the monarch in power. Line 8) Due to the arranged marriage the personalities of the king and queen differed, the king was reserved while the queen was extravagant. Line 16) Marie though initially liked grew unpopular due to her spending.
Line 15) Marie though demonized during the revolution was actually known for her modesty while most accounts call her ditsy. Line 36) during Marie’s wedding day a stamped happen killing many people she paid the families with her own money, which gave her popularity as a result. Line 47) though protesters of Marie criticized her for ignoring the poor Marie raised all her children to help the poor and donated food to several families. Line 51) during the famine Marie and her husband gave so much money to the people they had...
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