Maravankudieruppu History

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1.Brief Facts
3.Religious Professions
4.Social and Religious Movements.

1. Brief Facts :

A.About Village :

The Maravankudieruppu Village, has been established by Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar and four members of his family. There are more than 1200 Roman Catholic families and more than 5000 members are now living in the Village.

The Village Maravankudieruppu is within the Town area of Nagercoil Municipality. Nagercoil is the District head quarters of Kanyakumari District, the southern most tip of India.

The Maravankudieruppu Village people are belonging to the Nadar Community.

The people of Maravankudieruppu are Roman Catholics. The present Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Snows and blessed in 1954. The Parish was established in 1984.

D. Tradition
The people of Maravankudieruppu are based on tradition, upholding customs and usage.

E.Annual Events
i)Every year a Feast is celebrated on August 5, called the feast of Our Lady of Snows. ii)After the midnight Christmas and Easter Masses of every year the village people are taking procession from the Church to Cemetery and pay tributes to their beloved who are rested in. iii)Asanam is celebrated on 1st Sunday in the month of June to commemorate the Marian devotion in the month of May. Asanam means all the village peoples join to sacrifice goats to God and cook them with rice and distribute the same to all the village peoples. iv)The Annual Feast is also celebrated at all the Grottos (Kurusady) namely ; a)Our Lady of Goodwill - situated on the main road in front of Matha Mahal. b)Our Lady of Good Health.

c)St. Michael the Archangel
d)Our Lady of Assumption

Kamanaickenpatti is situated at 14 Km North East of Kovilpatti. Nadar and Naicker communities are living there. During 16th century (nearly 1600 AD) in Kayatharu nearly 45 families got baptized and followed the Catholic faith. After that, St. John De Britto a Jesuit priest baptized the people of Kamanaickenpatti and he built a Church at Kamanaickenpatti in 1685 AD. After 1688 AD Kamanaickenpatti developed into a permanent settlement to Jesuit Priests for their religious works. Rev. Fr. Joseph Constantine Beschi (Veerama Munivar) served as the 7th parish priest at the Kamanaickenpatti parish.

Name of Kamanaickenpatti
The name of Kamanaickenpatti was derived from the name of a king. There were two brothers Ettapa Naicker and Kama Naicker who ruled these places during 1600 AD. One village was named as Kamanaickenpatti and the nearby village was named as Ettu Naickenpatti.

Due to religious persecution (vedakalapanai) in the 17th century, (1700-29) Kamanaickenpatti was fully destroyed ; even now the destroyed place can be seen in the north side of the cemetery. During the persecution (Vedakalapanai) King Chegavera Ramakachil Ettapa Naicker laid a stone in 1665 AD to protect the Catholics from the enemies. The said laid stone is now erected in front of the said Church. The persecution against Christians was very severe, and there was no safety for them to survive. This made the people to think of migration to other places. Hence Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar and four of his family members migrated to Maravan Thattu now called as Maravankudieruppu.

Maravan Thattu :
At that time in Marava Thattu some thieves and robbers were staying there and the said Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar and four members of his family fought with them and finally Thiru.Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar established and put up his habitat at Maravan Thattu, now called as Maravankudieruppu.

After Migration :
Thiru. Swamiyadian Thirupappu Nadar and the member of his family had arrived at Maravankudieruppu in 1700. He married Perianachi @ Peria Nadachi, a woman from the neighbouring Kalasamirakki Kudieruppu and settled there. They had no children so they adopted three children of his...
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