Gurudwara Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Report

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10 Lesser Known Gurudwaras in Amritsar

All those of us who have been to Amritsar certainly visit the golden temple as it is the major tourist attraction and has great religious significance. But, there are many other Gurudwaras apart from the golden temple. That is the reason Amritsar is also known as “Guru-an di Nagri”. We bring to you 10 lesser known Gurudwaras in Amritsar which you can explore on your next visit. Here goes-

Gurudwara Harmandir sahib

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its name literally means temple of god. the fourth Guru of Sikhism, Guru ram das, excavated a tank in 1577 ad which subsequently became known as amritsar (meaning: pool of the nectar of immortality), giving its name to the...

it is situated in the city of tarn taran sahib. it has the distinction of having the largest sarovar (water pond) of all the Gurudwaras. also it is famous for the month gathering of pilgrims on day of amavas (no moon night). it is near harmandir sahib, amritsar.

Gurdwara Shri Baoli Sahib Goindwal Sahib

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Being without a child for many years Guru arjan dev's wife ganga devi became anxious. Guru Arjan dev told her; "if you wish a child, ask a pious Sikh like baba buddha, the aged seer and devout disciple of Guru nanak for a blessing". Ganga devi went to seek the blessings of baba buddha with a large entourage. She presented baba buddha with many delicacies to eat.
Gurudwara Chheharta Sahib

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Guru ki vadali is the birthplace of the sixth Guru, sri Guru hargobind sahib, the son of Guru arjan dev ji. to celebrate the birth of his son, Guru arjan dev ji constructed a big well at this place. this well had six persian wheels to draw out the water and thus came to be known as chheharta, the well with six wheels. this well helped in removing water scarcity in the region and enabled the greening of the fields.

Gurudwara Chohla Sahib

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