Mao's Last Dance

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Mother Pages: 2 (845 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Suki Wu
Mao’s Last Dancer
In Li Cunxin’s autobiography ‘Mao’s Last Dancer’, there are a series of events about Li growing up in rural Shandong province. It clearly shows the readers his impressive childhood. We can see everywhere is full of love and in Li’s family, although his family wasn’t rich. I have a better life than Li and my family is also crowded with happiness. Love always exists in a family, no matter rich or poor. Our life is affected deeply by family’s love on our way of developing as a person.

Sharing food in the family is a way of conveying love. Li’s family had to fight for survival. There was always not enough food for everyone. At meal times, Li’s parents gave food to each other. Li’s father is the breadwinner in the family, so his health is most important. Li’s mother left the best food for Li’s dad, but he said he wasn’t hungry and passed it back to Li’s mum. Li’s parents would eat slowly to allow their sons more food. Compared to Li, people of my generation have higher standard of living. My family has enough food to eat and we never suffer in hunger. However, my parents will still leave the good food for me and buy me the food I want. I went to a bonding school. When I went back home on the weekend, my mum would spend hours in the kitchen and make many dishes. All of them were my favourite food. The meals on weekdays, it wouldn’t be as bumper as on weekend. My parents just ate the food that left from weekend or cooked with some cheap ingredients. Li’s and my parents both care a lot about their children. They want the children lead a better life and have better things to live with. The things that share at mealtimes in the family are not only food that can fill our stomachs, but also the love that maintain our life.

Concern from grandparents is unforgettable in our childhood. Grandparents always care about their grandchildren and protect them from being hurt. Once Li broke his mother six precious newly purchased plates by accident,...
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