Many People Are Debating How to Best Meet Energy Needs in the United States.

Topics: United States, Americas, Alternative energy Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: September 7, 2013
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Lucille Hatten
September 7, 2013

Managing Energy Independence in the United States

Americans are disgusted with the increasing cost of oil and they no longer want to financially support foreign countries that attack the United States. “The Task Force feels that energy independence is unachievable, however, they do point to several solutions to manage oil consumption. While energy independence may not be entirely achievable in the near future, politicians should concentrate on managing the United States’ dependence on oil by limiting consumption from transportation, and exploiting the oil resources that are available in America.” I feel that the United States should stop all drilling in the foreign countries such as Iraq and Iran. I believe the United States should decrease its dependency of oil and invest in alternative resources of energy. I think we should spend the money and switch to wind or solar power. I feel that we have enough resources in the United States without having to depend on other countries. This is taking away from the American people. If we used our resources here in America it will open up more job opportunities for the American people. Why do we need to Drill in other countries? Why can’t we use resources in Alaska, Louisiana just to name a few places. Renewable sources of energy vary widely in their cost-effectiveness and in their availability across the United States. Their cost comes in collecting, harnessing, and transporting the energy so that it can do useful work. The price of electricity will increase witch will cause Citizens in the long run to spend thousands on electricity because of the rising cost of oil. Also the oil supply is decreasing daily and evenly that source will be extinct so why not start with alternative sources?
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