Manila City Tour

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Manila City Tour

Your tour will start with a visit to the old walled city of Intramuros, built during the Spanish colonial period. The first stop is Fort Santiago, which serves as the headquarters of the military might of the Spanish, American and Japanese colonizers until its destruction in 1945. There, you will proceed to San Agustin Church , constructed in 1587-1604 is the oldest surviving church in the Philippines the only building left intact when Intramuros was reduced to rubble during the Liberation of Manila in 1945 and visit the museum where you will find the artistic treasure house that illustrates the richness of the Philippine History and Culture. Pass by Manila Cathedral and Casa Manila, a reconstructed 19th century. The tour continues with the visit to the American cementery. You will have the chance to admire the Coconut Palace, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the financial district.

TagayTay Tour and Panoramic Manila

A two hour drive in the countryside passing through the coastal villages, rice paddies, fruit orchards, and coconut plantations takes you to the cool climate of Tagaytay, a popular summer retreat for Manila residents. Nestled in a secluded corner of Tagaytay Ridge about 2,250 feet above sea level is Tagaytay Highlands. This highly exclusive country club is the playground of Manila's elite. Lunch is served in its signature restaurant. Then, go on to Taal Vista Hotel, where you can see Taal Volcano, the smallest known volcano in the world, which is a volcano within a lake within a larger volcano. Before returning on board we will pass by Rizal Park, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, San Augustin Church and Casa Manila.

Corregidor island tour and Panoramic Manila

The Philippines' own version of the Rock, the island fortress of Corregidor is found at the mouth of Manila Bay, a 75-minute ferry ride from Manila. Upon arrival, you will be taken on a historic journey through the island's rich war-laden past on a quaint trolley, recreated with Corregidor's history in mind. You'll discover the various roles that Corregidor played as a native Filipino settlement, a Spanish naval fortress, an American military paradise, a beautiful Japanese park, and a strategic World War II battlefield. Let our friendly and well-informed guides help you discover the secrets and little eccentricities of this outpost, for it is most definitely more than just a war memorial. Blessed with a wealth of flora and fauna, the island also has a myriad of nature trails to satisfy the aesthetic and adventurous soul. This is truly a rich experience not to be missed! Your lunch will be served at a restaurant on Corregidor Island. Before returning on board we will pass by Rizal Park, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, San Augustin Church and Casa Manila.

Pagsanjuan tour, shooting the rapids

One of the premier destinations in the country , the tour takes you south of Manila passing through provincial towns , extensive ricefields , thick coconut plantations and forested mountains until you reach Pagsanjan town of Laguna . The highlights of the tour is a boatride going to Pagsanjan Falls as your boatmen starts rowing upstream , the wonders of the nature unfolds before you . The sight of lush greenery and towering cliffs above will thrill you endlessly . At the falls you will ride a bamboo raft that will take you underneath the waterfalls to experience the thunderous pounding of water coming from 70 feet above . Your trip downstream is another unforgettable experience as you " shoot the rapids " until you reach the calm river of Pagsanjan. A native buffet lunch awaits at the river side resort after the exhilarating ride . After this once in a lifetime experience , before returning on board the ship you will pass through the financial district.

Kota Kinabalu Borneo

Kota Kinabalu City Tour

This tour will allow you to know Sabah and its capital, Kota...
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