Manifest Destiny And American Territorial Expansion Summary

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The United States had a belief that American settlers were meant to stretch from coast to coast. In the 1840s, Manifest Destiny enhanced western settlement and provided a motivation for continued territorial expansion. It formed war with Mexico and Native American removal.
The fact that the American people were historically connected to English civilization caused Manifest Destiny. This made them feel superior in America because they got power and control over the other peoples who lived there. The Americans were white and educated so they felt they were better than the Indians. They felt that the Indians' lack of knowledge made them less worthy than anyone else. The Americans realized all of this and felt they can take over Indian lands. They believed they were better than everyone. They felt England was better than Spain. They also felt that their Protestant religion was superior to Catholicism. The Americans felt they were superior to others and deserved to dominate all of North America.
Manifest Destiny was very important to Americans. Manifest Destiny is a period in American History where individuals are poised, to some extent, in making choices between both how the history is viewed and how it is told.” “Manifest Destiny has been a major force in US history. It was...

Greenberg. Not only does the book contain many primary source documents that have not been seen in other readers, but it also spans a very wide time period from 1630 to the end of the nineteenth century. Greenberg's definition of manifest destiny is much broader than the definition seen in many history books and links together westward expansion on the American continent as well as expansion westward to Asia in a very similar fashion to the re-designed course. The book express general ideas about the settlement of the west, and articulate arguments for and against American...
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