Mandatory Voting

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Topic: Voting should not be mandatory

Using the internet, find at least two articles on your topic. You can pay to print in the library, e-mail the articles to yourself, or write down the websites and look them up again at home. Every group member must find two articles, so that a group of 3 will have 6 total and a group of 4 will have 8 total. Pick articles that are from credible sources (PHS databases such as Gale, Ebsco, etc.; credible news organizations like The New York Times, CNN, etc; or reliable websites from .gov or .edu are required) and answer the following questions: Bold your answers!

Source #1:
a) Title of the article: “Mandatory Voting Anti-Poor”
b) Who is the author (if no author, who is the publisher)? Hindustan Times c) Why are they an authority on this subject? Publish Reliable Newspapers d) Where did you find this information? (give the name of the specific database or website) EBSCO e) Is it unbiased?(Look for facts rather than opinion). Unbiased f) Does the author of the article cite his/her sources? Yes

g) Create a précis for this source: (This should be a coherent 4 sentence summary paragraph. Follow the precis format I gave to you in class). The Hindustan Times in the Article “Mandatory Voting Anti-Poor” states that the United Chief Sharad Yadav is against the compulsory voting idea because it will create problems for migrant labourers and other poor people living away from home within their state or outside. Yadav supports his statement by explaining that poor people may not be able to afford to come home to vote or to send in their vote. The authors purpose is to show the reader that it shouldn’t mandatory to vote. The author writes in a formal tone for the reader.

MLA Source Citation: Pathak, Vikas. "'Mandatory voting anti-poor.'" Hindustan Times 05 Jan. 2010: EBSCO Newspaper Source. Web. 2 Oct. 2013.

Source #2:
a) Title of the article: “No, Compulsory Voting Laws in the United States Would Not Work” b)...
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