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Beaulieu motor museum
Section 1-
Beaulieu motor museum is located near the new forest where most customers come from the new forest and go visit the museum. Beaulieu motor museum is a big visitor attraction; they have up to 250 cars. Beaulieu has so much to offer to their customers and they try to meet every customers need that come to the museum, how they find out their customers’ needs is they hand out a paper and it asks them what they would change about the museum? And customers give their comments and the museum works on that. Also they have people walking around and asking customers question, there aim is to build a relationship with people. (See appendix for leaflet) Target market

Type of Customers
How they meet the needs
Families- families are there main audience and the whole attraction is geared towards offering them a fun family day out.

Different exhibitions such as top gear and James bond have become very popular. School holidays they have activates for children’s such as Halloween and Christmas activities. E.g. when I went to the museum it was Halloween and they were doing face paints for the kids. They have the kids bake off where

They have go karting for kids and adults
School groups-

They offer a range of educational programmes to school groups which include a number of fun learning activates. Have several educational officers and volunteers who look after the groups before, during and after their visits. Elderly couples-

Different attractions such as the grounds and gardens, palace house, Beaulieu abbey, home of the Montagu family and one of the ten treasure houses in England. Palace house is kept in the Victorian era and they have staff dressed up in Victorian clothes who talk to visitors about life upstairs and downstairs. Motoring enthusiasts- they have over 250 vehicles on display. Provide daily tours of the museum where visitors can join to learn about the exhibits in greater detail. They have a calendar of motoring events which runs from April through to September each year. This attracts large numbers of motoring enthusiasts to the attraction. E.G. when I went to the museum I asked a customer why they were visiting the museum and they said because of the motors and the James bond exhibition.

Beaulieu has a variety of different attractions; people spend more than 4 hours in the motor museum as they are fascinated with the motors and the different attraction they have there to offer, they get up to 4000 customers each year summer is there most popular time of the year as kids are on summer holidays and people have time off work. The attractions are excellent for the community because they bring loads of jobs for the local people; they have up to 400 employees which all do different things in the museum. Every weekend they have an event for people to come and this brings in more customers, as previously they had the firework event and this bought more than 1000 people to the museum. Here are the attractions they have to offer to their customers:


About the attractions

Palace house and gardens-

Palace house is announced to be a collection of ten of the most beautiful palaces, houses and castles in England today; it is surrounded by beautiful gardens with plenty of walkways which overlook the Beaulieu river. The palace house makes visitors fascinated with amazing portraits, photographs and memorabilia of the Montagu’s family, palace house is still a family home lived by lord Montagu and his loved ones. The gardens have been well looked after by the Montagu family and can now be enjoyed by all the visitors that come to the museum, the garden include the fragrant Victorian flower garden with a beautiful rose garden. You will also find the informal wilderness garden where during march and April you will find a mass of snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and bluebells. Whilst customers wonder through the gardens they should make sure...
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