Winchester House

Topics: Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Oliver Winchester, Sarah Winchester Pages: 8 (3352 words) Published: June 3, 2013
The Winchester house is full of twist and turns. Mrs. Winchester built things upside down, doors leading to no where, and staircases also. Mrs.Wichester had a great life going for her, good at music and everybody loved her. Once she got married, it seemed everything went downhill. Her only child dies as a infant and couple of years later her husband. Now she is left with tons of money and owning half of the stock market, she goes and meet with a medium. The medium tells her that her husband and child died because of a gun that they made called The Winchester gun. This gun killed many people during the war. The only way to save herself from dying was to build a house for the ghost and her, the only catch was that the building could never stop or she would die. With the money that Mrs.Winchester has gained, she builds a crazy house all due to the ghost. Many believes that the only reason why the house is built crazy was confuse the ghost and that they couldn't find her as easy. She made this happen was by changing things every day, adding a new staircase or building a room inside another room.

Every house has its own story to tell; when it was built, who lived in it, or any tragedy. Imagine building a house without at blue print and it kept on changing and getting bigger everyday. That's what Sarah Winchester did until her death in 1922. Her home had grown to 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms,47 (Marck, n.d.) fireplaces, 17 chimneys, 950 doors, staircases that go nowhere, and cabinets that are the sole entry to entire wings. We might have some movies that is similar to the Winchester's house like “The Haunting” and “Rose Red” It all started with a birth of a child in 1840, she was the daughter of Leonard Pardee and Sarah Burns, a carriage manufacturer in New Haven, Connecticut, (Sarah Winchester, 2011) known as the “Belle of New Haven.” That little girl name is Sarah Lockwood Pardee, in life she enjoyed all the advantages of cultured upbringing, including an education at the best private schools, spoke four languages and played piano. On September 30, 1862, Sarah married William Wirt Winchester, son of Oliver Fisher Winchester, a Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut and manufacturer of the famous Winchester repeating rifle. (Sarah Winchester) The couple's life together was happy, and they moved in the best New England society. On July 12, 1866 that had one daughter, Annie Pardee Winchester, however, in 1866 one month after she was born,(Cumerlato) disaster struck when their infant daughter, Annie died of a mysterious childhood disease marsmus. (Sarah Winchester) This is a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency, nearly all nutrients, especially protein and calories.(Marasmus) Mrs. Winchester fell into a deep depression which she never recovered and rich(Blanchard.) Fifteen years later, another tragedy struck, on March 1881, her husband's death from tuberculosis added to Mrs. Winchester's distress. (Sarah Winchester) Tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs, but can also affect other parts of the body.(Tuberculosis) This left Sarah approximately 50% ownership and 777 shares of stock in the Winchester company and an income of $1,000 a day. (Sarah Winchester) Mrs. Winchester's financial resources were unlimited; upon her husband's death she received several million dollars in cash. When her mother-in-law's death in 1897, Sarah received 2,000 more shares, which meant she owned just under fifty percent of the company's capital stock. From all the tragedy that happen she sought out a Boston Medium.(Blanchard) The medium explained that her family and her fortune were being haunted by spirits, by the spirits of American Indians, Civil War Soldiers, and others killed by Winchester rifles.(Blanchard) The deaths of her daughter and husband were caused by these spirits, and it implied that Mrs.Winchester might by the next victim. The medium told her that in order to avoid it, she should move west to...

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