Managing Production & Service Operations

Topics: Management, Manufacturing, Operations management Pages: 3 (594 words) Published: February 10, 2012
I. What is Operation?

Operations refer to “any process that accepts inputs and uses resources to change those inputs in useful ways.”

II. What is Operation Management?

Operation Management is “the process of planning, organizing, and controlling operations to reach objectives efficiently and effectively.

Efficiency is related to “the cost of doing something, or the resource utilization involved.”

Effectiveness refers to goal accomplishment.

III. Operations and the Engineer Manager

The Engineer Manager is expected to produces some output at whatever management level he is. The Engineer, as Operation Manager must find ways to contribute to the production of quality goods or services and the reduction of costs in his department.

Who are qualified to become Operations Manager?

The typical operation manager is one with several years of experience in the operations division and possesses n academic background in engineering.

IV. Types of Transformation Process

A. Manufacturing processes

Manufacturing Processes are those refer to the making of products by hand or with machinery.

* Job shop
A job shop is one whose production is “based on sales orders for a variety of small lots.” * Batch flow
The batch flow process is where lots of generally own designed products are manufactured.

* Worker-paced line flow
An assembly line refers to a production layout arranged in a sequence to accommodate processing of large volumes of standardizes products or services. The quality of output in a worker-paced assembly line depends to a great extent to the skill of the labor utilized. * Machine-paced line flow

This type of production process produces mostly standard products with machines playing a significant role. * Batch/continuous flow hybrid
This method of processing is a combination of the batch and the continuous flow. * Continuous flow
The continuous...
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