Managing Oneself

Topics: Management, Peter Drucker / Pages: 2 (422 words) / Published: Oct 3rd, 2011
The Summary of
“Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker”

Nowadays, the environment that we live in is unpredictable. Opportunities can come in various times, places and ways. If someone have got ambition and smart, that person can rise to the top of his/her chosen profession, regardless of where he/she started out.
In order to manage ourselves, we will have to develop ourselves then place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution and knowing how and when to change the work we do. As a start, we must know our strengths. The only way to discover our strengths is through feedback analysis. After that, the follow up are concentrate on our strengths, work on improving our strengths and discover where our intellectual arrogance that caused disabling ignorance, then overcome it.
Next step, we must know our performance. By knowing our performance, we must determine whether we are a reader or listener, know how we learn, know whether we are a team player or loner, and know whether we can work on stress or in a predictable situation. In other word, changing ourselves isn’t going to work, but working hard to improve the way we perform can help.
Then, we must know our values. This is not only about ethics that rules same for everybody, to know our values in organization is beyond ethics and more complex matters.
Next, we must know where we belong. Knowing where we belong can transform ordinary persons – hardworking and competent but mediocre – into an outstanding performer.
Finally, we must know our contribution. When we know what to contribute to organization, automatically there will come course of following actions: know what to do, where and how to start and what goals and deadlines to set.
Besides all of that, we must understand that organizations are no longer built on force, but on trust. In order to build a trust, people must take responsibility in relationships, because every people in an organization depend each other.
Nowadays, beginning a

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