Managing Oneself - Article Analysis

Topics: Skill, Learning, Psychology, Leadership / Pages: 5 (1040 words) / Published: Apr 20th, 2013
This article helped me to develop a clear mind set about independent learning and how important it is for the naturel human being to manage oneself. Personally, It’s important for me to know what my straights are to help me to manage myself where I can produce positive results by improving it and identify incompetency on me and avoid it. Having the knowledge and control upon my strengths and weaknesses can help me to avoid intellectual disruption and also will help me to avoid manipulation from negative influences. Knowing my main straights helps me to focus more on maximizing my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.
My Islamic-Arabian originality and being a member of a large family helped me to develop great interpersonal skills with solid confidence in myself. To me, being an interpersonal is having proper sets of skills to interact with every person who have a conflict point of view. For example, it doesn’t matter to me when someone is having a deferent point of view about my political view, instead, I will often take in what he said, mull it over by myself, and come back to that person later to discuss it. I don’t need to either agree/disagree with the person, I just like to hear people’s ideas and reflect them on new ideas and information. This skill of mine helps me to be more self-regulated and be more open with everyone, regardless of his/her root background.
My artistic side of me has contributed in a many ways in my life. My deep affection in analyzing paintings and drawing comics is most definitely a spatial intelligence in me. One time in my life I majored in architecture because I got very inspired in the Turkish mosques designs of Aya Sophie and how beautiful it looks, and started to draw amazing designs of mosques just for my amusement. Spatial intelligence is when I remember things visually, including exact sizes and shapes of objects, like visualizing maps in three-dimensions for example, when I get lost in a new city I visualize my own map

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