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Topics: Economics, Marketing, Pricing Pages: 6 (825 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Course Outline

MBA 2011-13
Management of Pricing

Elective Subject,
Credit 2 20 Hours

Course Coordinators: Ranajoy Bhattachrayya, Pinaki Dasgupta & Biswajit Nag (both for Delhi & Kolkata)


The objective of this course is to bring both theoretical as well as actual practices in decision making process for pricing of goods or services. Pricing has moved up to the top priority in management decision making especially during the time of changing economic environment. This is of paramount importance when companies have built up sophisticated supply chain, concentrate on quality issues and face ever increasing competition. Product life cycle has got shortened as competitors have perfected the tune in coordinating innovation and imitation. Distribution channel, size of the players, nature of competition and value proposition through prices have been researched significantly in the price making strategy of a corporate. The current subject will deal with all

(II) Pedagogy

❖ Classroom Teaching
❖ Analysis of relevant cases


Mid-Term Test (Biswajit and Ranajay)30 Marks
Term Paper (Pinaki)30 Marks
End Term Examination (Biswajit, Ranajay and Pinaki)40 Marks ________________________________________
Total 100Marks


Basic text:
1. Price Theory and application: Decisions, markets and Informations; Jack Hirshleifer, Amihai Glazer, David Hirshleifer, Cambridge University, 7th Ed. 2. The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: Thomas Nagle and John Hogan: PHI, 5th Ed. 201 Reference Text:

1. The Theory of Industrial Organisation: Jean Tirole, MIT Press, 2. Industrial Organisation : Markets and Strategies Paul Belleflame and Martin Petiz, Cambridge University Press 3. Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach: James Handerson and Richard Quandt, McGraw-Hill, 1958 (IV)Session Plan

|S. No. |Particulars |Duration | |1. |Pricing and various competitive markets: Revisiting | | | |the issues |2 Hours | | |This course will revise the subject of pricing as you have learnt in Managerial Economics. |AP(BN) | | |How the pricing is being determined in perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly will be | | | |revisited to understand the main variables which have an influence on pricing, such as Average| | | |Cost, Marginal Cost, Average Revenue and Marginal Revenue, etc | | | |Ref. Your Text book in managerial Economics | | |2. |Pricing Rationale: Various Cases | | | | |6 Hours | | |This section will deal with in details some specific cases, in different competitive |P(RB) | | |structure. | | | |a) Monopoly: | | | |Various price discrimination | | | |Pricing in case of durable goods | | | |Non-linear pricing...
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