Management Skilss That Jack Welch Uses..

Topics: Management, Jack Welch, General Electric Pages: 4 (1084 words) Published: April 29, 2007
Jack Welch is one person who has been an exception who has not lost his

effectiveness in 10 years but rather staying on the job and driving GE to loftier

levels of accomplishment for 20 years. The best part is he has made himself a

title " An American Icon" This report states his management skills , roles

and functions that he has used to bring GE to be one of the most successful


When Welch became CEO in 1981, General Electric, GE was voted the best-

managed company. Nevertheless, Welch saw that the company, indeed the

entire nation, could and should be better, and must be better to maintain its

momentum in the last two decades of century and to propel itself into the twenty

first. GE has always been a strategically led portfolio company with a mix of

business in different phrases of their life cycles, which enables GE to deliver

consistent earnings. (Leading) Welch set out on a mission to see GE become

the world's most valuable company (Planning), and he achieved that goal. In 1997, GE became the first company in the world to exceed $200 billion in stock market value. (Controlling) With a share price that rose an average of 23.5 percent per year, by 2000 GE's market value exceeded $500 billion. Welch worked to eradicate inefficiency by trimming inventories and dismantling the bureaucracy that had almost led him to leave GE in the past. He shut down factories, reduced payrolls, cut lackluster old-line units. Welch instructs his managers to ‘hate bureaucracy and all the nonsense that's comes with it' he is shifting from top-down to outside-in orientation. This is basically saying let external demands and not internal management guide your productive behavior. This also means give priority to GE's customers. (Organizing) To have success, needs monitoring, consistent monitoring. Welch once preached that "At GE, we're driving to be lean and agile, to move faster, to pare away bureaucracy. We're...
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