Management of New and On-going Ventures

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Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technopreneurship Center

Management of New and On-going Ventures
Batch 34 / Group 2

Name:Adhimoolam Anusha – U1221922L
Chua Yun Hui Joy – U1022271A
Nayana Rao Poluru Mastan – U1220857G
Prashanth Somanathan – U
Meera Darshini Ratty – U1221891J
Yu Anqi – U1230289J

1. Introduction1
2. Company Analysis2
3. Environmental Analysis7
Porter's Five Forces Analysis:8
4. Swot Analysis9
Strengths of
Weaknesses of
More expansion into the mobile industry10
In the near future, there will be a significant increase in the number of people who own a smartphone. It would be opportunistic of Justdial to create innovative products and services that target the mobile Internet industry.10

Worldwide expanision10
JustDial is prominent in only a handful of countries at the moment, they could look into global expansion in the near future.10
JustDial Instant Dial Application10
JustDial could strike a deal with smartphone companies such as apple to get an instant dial application that is pre-installed on the phone. This would enable users to call JustDial by simply clicking on the application. This is useful as it increases the target market of Justdial. Those who were unaware of Justdial will now be aware.10

Fast rising competition10
5. Recommendation12
6. Conclusion13
7. References14

1. Introduction

Vision & Philosophy
The company's goal is to create long-term shareholder value by enhancing its position as a leading local search service. The company’s philosophy focuses on enhancing the experience of the end user through innovation, feedback, integrity and teamwork.

What does it do?
JustDial is the number one search engine and destination for customers in India. Its comprehensive database of a multitude of goods and services for all B2C and B2B clients presents a unique proposition for 57 million users across 240 cities in India to access them. Currently available through mediums such as phone, SMS, WAP and Web, JustDial gets around 26 million phone calls a year. To cater to this large volume and continually increase popularity, a workforce of 4000 and over 135000 paid advertisers are hired. How did it start?

JustDial was started with an investment of Rs 50,000 in the year 1994 and returned sales of 1.34 billion for the fiscal year 09-10. It also retains 90% of the complete market share. It has rapidly become the most visited local search engine in the country over a short period. The Revenue Model of basically earns from clients which invest in their listings to make them sponsored listings, and from the percentage of sales that happen through For the Various steps involved refer to the appendix.

2. Environmental Analysis
The mega event of the largest democracy, with assembly elections in four states this year and a general election; early next year will be a vital development for India economy. Economic
India has shown strong economic growth over the last few years. According to MOSPI Annual Report, the growth rate for India’s gross domestic product in 2009 - 2010 was 8%, 8.6% in 2010-2011 and 6.9% growth in 2011-2012. However, according to the CIA Factbook, India’s GDP, on a purchasing power parity basis was estimated to be approximately $4.47 trillion in 2011 and $4.76 trillion in 2012. The McKinsey Global Institute Report projects “true” discretionary spending power to potentially increase sevenfold from 13 million households in 2005 to 89 million households in 2025. Social

According to the CIA Factbook, India is one of the world’s most populous countries with approximately 1.21 billion as of July 2012. According to the McKinsey Report, India’s middle class is expected to grow by over ten...
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