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The School of Management & Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration – L.L.B.


Principles of Management

Semester-1 (2012-2015)

Module Leader
Mr. Vimal A Shukla

About the Course

The module is a basic introduction to some of the key theories of management. It presupposes no prior knowledge of the topic by students. The course commences by introducing those theories that are employed in the management of individuals in organization’s and progresses to ultimately address those most relevant to an organizational level of analysis.

Since management and its many constituent theories have such an impact upon all of our lives, the course encourages students to critically reflect upon such theories and more especially about the practice of management. It is insufficient for students of management to merely “know” a theory. They need to understand the implications of its use in practice. Hence, critical thinking is an underlying “theme” of the module. Desired learning outcomes

At the end of the module students should be able to:

Appreciate the ambiguity and complexity inherent in the practice (and theory) of management

Articulate some of the historical and contemporary issues and debates addressed by and faced by management

Describe, compare and contrast and, ultimately, evaluate the various theories and concepts of management to which you have been introduced e.g. leadership, teamwork, organisational culture, etc.

Understand the importance of critical thinking and to apply it to any theory and practice of management that you may subsequently encounter Contact Hours and Student Workload
32 Hours of Lectures (Workshops/Tutorials/Seminars in addition) Lectures and Seminars
The title of each lecture and the activities and discussion topics of the seminars are listed in the timetable below. The lecture schedule would be communicated to you separately.


Lecture Session
Workshop / Seminar
The Management Process
(* All Core Values)
Group Activity: My Best Manager
Evolution of Management Thought
(* Progress)
Modern Day Management: Environment, Culture and International Management (* Peace) Case Study: 26/11 Unsung Heroes of Taj Hotel and Palace
Fundamentals of Planning
(* Aspiration)
Presentation by students on reel life scenarios of planning
The Strategic Management Process
(* Courage)
S.W.O.T. Analysis of a chosen organisation by students
Fundamentals of Organising
Debate on different types of structures used in organisations with valid examples 7
Organisational Change and Development
(* Receptivity)
Puma and Samsung Examples to be studied in class
Human Resource Management
(* Equality)
Guest Lecture by a H.R. Manager on managing human resources
Individual Behaviour and Performance
(* Sincerity)

Personality Test of all students and Role Plays by students
Motivation: Theory and Practice
(* Perseverance)
Gung Ho! Story and Presentation.
Students will read the book and present its case
Teamwork (* Gratitude)
Activity and Games on Teamwork
Essentials of Leadership (* Generosity)
Movie Presentation: Remember the Titans!
Communication, Conflict and Negotiation
(* Peace)
Role Plays on relationship between communication and conflict management 14
Fundamentals of Control (* Humility)
Issues with excess “Control” in workplace
Ethical Behaviour and Social Responsibility (* Goodness)
Case Study Discussion in class

Team Building Exercise

Please Note that Team Building Exercise is Mandatory for all!

Course Assessment

Student performance in the course will be assessed via both course-work (60%) and closed- book examination (40%).

In this module course-work includes four...
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