Busi 1475 Course Guide 2011-12

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Course Study Guide

Contemporary Issues in Management


2.Introduction to the Course4
2.2Learning Outcomes4
2.2.1Knowledge and understanding of:4
2.2.2Intellectual Skills:4
2.2.3 Subject practical skills:4
2.2.4Transferable skills:4
2.3Learning and teaching activities4
3.Contact Details5
4.Course Content6
4.1Session Reading7
5.Assessment Details8
5.1Summary of assessment8
5.2 Detailed description of assessment8
6.Other Details9


‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.’
Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II

It is a well-worn cliché that the only certainty in these interesting times is uncertainty. Despite the fatigue of aphorisms such as this and many like it, it would be naïve of any observer of the contemporary business environment to assume otherwise. Despite the fact that the world has never been materially richer (albeit with huge inequalities and enduring misery for many) with technology and governance having solved – or at least alleviated – many of our problems, the environment that impacts on our economic and social world is as volatile and unforgiving as ever before. Thus the demands placed upon those responsible for guiding organizations through these troubled waters are as great as ever before, making it imperative that such individuals have the necessary skills and attributes.

Contemporary Issues in Management seeks to develop in learners a critical appreciation of the challenges faced by management professionals in a complex, dynamic and increasingly risky business environment. In doing so it exposes students to the controversies and dilemmas of contemporary management thinking and practice that are not easily resolvable (if at all). The course builds on learning undertaken in levels one and two and seeks to enable the learner to build towards the advanced level of critical awareness and reflectivity necessary for a successful career in the 21st century management domain. Contemporary Issues in Management synthesises cutting edge conceptual discussion with the honing of diagnostic, analytical and communication skills for effective human interaction and decision making. This course does not claim to have all the answers to the problems facing the contemporary manager; no course possibly could. However, what it will do is instil a critical awareness of the challenges faced by business leaders in the 21st century and lay the foundations of the means whereby they might prosper.

2.Introduction to the Course

2.1 Aims
The main aims of this course are:
* To attain a critical understanding of the challenges that face practising managers in the complex contemporary operating environment * To contribute to the development of a set of skills that equips the contemporary manager for the challenges presented in the contemporary organizational milieu.

2.2 Learning Outcomes
2.2.1Knowledge and understanding of:

Students will develop critical knowledge and understanding of: 1. Current debates about how, through effective management, organizations interact with and respond to their complex operating environments. 2. Advanced social science concepts relating to managing and working with people for performance in the contemporary organizational domain. 3. Key research on how organizational processes and practices can be configured for optimal performance.

2.2.2Intellectual Skills:

B1. Breadth of Outlook
4. Students will be exposed to and develop a critical awareness of a range of - often apparently conflicting and contradictory - schools of management and social science thought requiring them to make informed analytical judgements. 5. Students will be faced with ethical dilemmas related to management practice in the contemporary sphere – including those posed by issues of environmental sustainability and corporate...
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