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Diploma in Business Management


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Diploma in Business Management

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Introduction to the Study Manual Syllabus 1 Synoptic Studies: Applying the Key Theories and Concepts from Other Modules The Synoptic Approach The Key Theories in Other Modules Analysis and Decision-Making Introduction Management Skills Problem Solving and Decision-making Management Decision-Making Models Critical Thinking and Analysis Written Communication Principles of Effective Communication External Business Communications Internal Business Communications Design and Presentation in Written Communication Oral Communication Basic Skills of Oral Communication Interviews Presentational Skills Using the Telephone Information Technology and Business Communication Introduction Communications Systems Working with the Written Word Presentation Software Working with Graphics Working with Numerical Information The Integration of Office Applications Communication and the Internet Other Forms of Electronic Communications






Unit 6

Title The Principles and Practice of Meetings Meetings – An Overview Documentation for Meetings Procedure in Meetings

Page 131 132 136 141


Introduction to the Study Manual
Welcome to this study manual for Financial Accounting. The manual has been specially written to assist you in your studies for the ABE Diploma in Business Management and is designed to meet the learning outcomes specified for this module in the syllabus. As such, it provides a thorough introduction to each subject area and guides you through the various topics which you will need to understand. However, it is not intended to "stand alone" as the only source of information in studying the module, and we set out below some guidance on additional resources which you should use to help in preparing for the examination. The syllabus for the module is set out on the following pages and you should read this carefully so that you understand the scope of the module and what you will be required to know for the examination. Also included in the syllabus are details of the method of assessment – the examination – and the books recommended as additional reading. The main study material then follows in the form of a number of study units as shown in the contents. Each of these units is concerned with one topic area and takes you through all the key elements of that area, step by step. You should work carefully through each study unit in turn, tackling any questions or activities as they occur, and ensuring that you fully understand everything that has been covered before moving on to the next unit. You will also find it very helpful to use the additional reading to develop your understanding of each topic area when you have completed the study unit. Additional resources  ABE website – You should ensure that you refer to the Members Area of the website from time to time for advice and guidance on studying and preparing for the examination. We shall be publishing articles which provide general guidance to all students and, where appropriate, also give specific information about particular modules, including updates to the recommended reading and to the study units themselves. Additional reading – It is important you do not rely solely on this manual to gain the information needed for the examination on this module. You should, therefore, study some other books to help develop your understanding of the topics under consideration. The main books recommended to support this manual are included in the syllabus which follows, but you should also refer to the ABE website for further details of additional reading which may be published from time to time....
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