Management Complements and Supporting Professional Firms

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Chapter 2
Management, Proponents, Personal and Organization
Management Complements and Supporting Professional Firms
Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the registration of the partnership.The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for the registration of the product, business name, trademark, trade name, business logo and product logo. Then the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for product testing, laboratory experimentation and some other test And the Bureau of Food And Drugs (BFAD) for the approval that are product is safe and ready for consumption. For skin testing the dermatologist concern for product testing and laboratory testing. Proponent

Velasquez, Nicholson P.FilipinoTaytay, Rizal
Mirabite, Glen P.FilipinoTaytay, Rizal
Agarin, Jeffry G.FilipinoTaytay, Rizal
Cequeña, Glenda A.FilipinoCardona, Rizal

Personnel / Workforce
Table 1
Personnel during the Pre – operating Period
Personnel| Duties & Responsibility| Number|
Proponents| Conceptualizing the idea, Gathering data, and Cooperation| 4|

During the operating period
Table 2
Personnel during the Operating Period
Position| Number| Proposed Compensation / Salary| Job Description| Job Specification| Sales Personnel| 1| Minimum rate| Selling| * At least High School Graduate * With excellent communication skills| Skin Expert| 1| Minimum rate| Skin expert| At least 4th year college degree | Manufacturer| 2| Minimum rate| Manufacture| * Good experience in manufacturing * Ability to operate machines|

Organization of the Operating Period
Type of business organization
Limited Partnership, we the proponents decided to create this type of organization to help each other, to make better ideas and also to make this project successful. Organization System and Structure


Sales Personnel
Skin Expert

Project Implementation and Time Table...
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