Management Assignment

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Growth-share matrix Pages: 15 (3759 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Report On

“Management practice of Rahimafrooz Electronics & Accessories Ltd”.

Prepared For

Sharmin Akther
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Prepared By

Hasnat Jahan Nira (2012-2-10-229)
Rino Sarker (2010-3-10-035)
Kazi Kamrul abid (2012-2-10-247)
Tanvir Rahman (2012-1-10-319)
Section-4; Mgt101
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Date of Submission: 31th March, 2013
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Contribution of Members

Our group name is fnf (frnds & faculty). Our assignment topic is “Management Practice of Rahimafrooz Electronics Ltd.” In our group, there are four member. Every member is very punctual and responsible. Any big problem can be solved very easily by team work and it happens with our group. The company (Rahimafrooz) was not co-operate with us but every member were trying to convince them and lastly we did that.

When our group called any meeting, every member must attend the meeting on time and they complete their work timely.

Our group visited many place to collect data and every member contribute of the work. All of we are not same semester’s student so basically we face time problem but try to make up that problem. To complete the assignment with field work we spend an amount and this amount divide in equal basis to everyone. Here we mention our contribution on out of 100%

Members Name| Contribution|
Hasnat Jahan Nira| 25%|
Rino Sarker| 25%|
Kazi Kamrul Abid| 25%|
Tanvir Rahman | 25%|

March 31, 2013

Sharmin Akther
Department of Business Administration
East West University

Subject: Management practice on Rahimafrooz Electronics Ltd.

Dear Madam,

It gives us an immense pleasure in submitting to you the report on “Management practice on Rahimafrooz Electronics Ltd.” Which is the topic under our observation.

While preparing the report, we closely focused on the topic & tried to collect most complete information available. We believe that it will provide you a clear scenario of Planning, Organizing, Leading and controlling about the company.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to do a report on the above mention point. This report will definitely give us experience which we can be used in our professional life. We will be always available for any further query and to answer any questions on this report.

Thank you.

Truly yours,

Group- FnF
Section-4, MGT101

Hasnat Jahan Nira ………………………..

Rino Sarker ………………………..

Kazi Kamrul Abid ………………….........

Tanvir Rahman ……………………….


At first we express our deep sense of gratitude to almighty ALLAH for His infinite grace that allowed us to complete this assignment successfully. We sincerely express our thanks to our honorable course teacher SHARMIN AKTHER for giving us the task to prepare this assignment. It is an experience which will certainly help us in future. It will enhance our skill to a great extant. We are very grateful for his invaluable and caring guidance and suggestions.

We are particularly grateful to Md. Rahat Hossain, Proprietor of the RAHAT ELECTRONICS Ltd., which situated at Rampura Banasree. We also very grateful to A.H.M. Monjurul Huq, Office-Counter Sales and Md. Nasir Uddin,Manager, Institution Sales-EPP on the RAHIMAFROOZ ELECTRONICS Ltd., and the resourceful website of them as we got huge support. It is a great pleasure for us to express our special gratitude to them for providing us the valuable information.

While conducting the study, we had visited many websites and...

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