Management and Time

Topics: Management, Stress, Time management Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Time and Stress Management Skills
Do I have stress management skills? Do I know how to manage my time properly? In order to be successful at any job I personally think that you would have to be able to conquer both of these. I think that i can handle them really well.

To have good stress management skills means to be able to adjust well to change in the environment around you. Everyone experiences a certain degree of stress on a daily basis. It can be small or big but not all stress is harmful. There are two kinds of stress, harmful and not so harmful. Surprisingly enough a small amount of stress is essential to a person’s well-being because it raises your energy and makes you more alert. I’m usually really good with dealing with stress. When I’m put in a stressful situation I’m usually the one that remains calm and thinks on what action to take instead of freaking out and freezing up. When it sometimes is too much to handle by just simply stopping and taking a couple of deep breaths can do the trick. For example, right now I have allot going on in my personal life but I’m trying to keep cool and calm to be able to do my school work because if I didn’t get those issues out of my head I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my goals in life. By being able to control my stress now will come in handy once I start working in the medical field because it would allow me to deal with patients and for me not to stress out when I’m out of work. Also by knowing how to handle stress can avoid future issues with patients. It can be that maybe one day you’re stressed out n then just release your stress on a patient. Time management can help with stress as well.

How can time management help you out in a job? By you knowing how to manage you time well can help you out on finishing your duties on time and it can also help avoid stress. If you manage your time you will know at what time and when you’re supposed to have finished certain tasks instead of stressing out on it....
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