Managing Yourself AG

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Managing Yourself

Know how to use effective personal time management to achieve team goals Explain the importance of effective time management
Effective time management allows individuals to ensure that work is completed on schedule and to the standard required, this is important as if each individual member can manage their time this should lead to the success of the business. When time is managed effectively this results in increased productivity and can impact positively on the cost effectiveness of a team and helps us focus on deliverables. Another advantage and important factor in why it is important to manage time effectively is the positive effect it has on morale for the individual, team, department and therefore the business as a whole. In summary managing our time effectively helps us be more productive and allows us to focus on important tasks helping us to get the most out of our working day.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in time management
Tidy desk – I like to keep my desk in a neat and tidy state so I know where everything is and have it in a specific order Completing Jobs – I have the ability to concentrate on one job fully and not jump from one job to another Avoiding procrastination – I ensure I tackle jobs that need completing urgently and avoid putting off complex tasks until another day Organised to do list – I work regularly on a to do list writing down tasks that need completing Prioritising – I am able to prioritise my work assessing the importance of tasks and in which order they need completing Weaknesses

Delegation – I try to keep control of as many of the department jobs as possible rather than delegating to members of the team Wanting everything to be perfect – I have a lot of spreadsheets with trends for months that I keep for my own personal use and knowledge but spend a lot of time ensuring they are correct and look good Unable to say no – I find myself agreeing to...
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