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Principles of Management

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Introduction of the Assignment
First of all, in this assignment I will going to look at the overview of the company Nestle, that how this company grows with time. Then I will explain the three groups of managerial roles: interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles proposed by Mintzberg. Lastly I will explain the five main activities of a firm: production, marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance, secretarial and administration.

Answer 1:
Name of the company chosen:
Introduction of Nestle:
Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. Good food, good life is Nestlé’s commitment, to nutrition, health and wellness. Vision and Mission of Nestle:
Nestle makes its product tastier and healthier choices that help consumer care for themselves and their families. Nestle have the largest Research and Development network of any food company in the world. Behind each of Nestlé’s product there is a team of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, designers, regulatory specialists and consumer care representatives to earn consumer’s trust with safe products of the highest quality. Nestlé’s mission is to provide consumers with best tasting, most nutritious choices in a wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning to night. Years of Establishment of Nestle:

Starting from 1866 Henry Nestle was the founder of Nestle Company. He first founded infant food product. He wanted to expand business internationally. Nestle then merged with Condensed Milk Company. Nestle faced difficulties during the First World War. Nestle then opened 40 factories worldwide because of the increasing demand of dairy products, at the end of the world war. After World War 2 nestle was launched. Launch of Nescafe became famous during the war and, was spread in Europe and Asia. As growth was increasing rapidly, Nestle then merged with Maggie and Nesquick. Later, Nestle become a major shareholder in L’Oreal (cosmetics) for the first time. Nestle made second venture with Laboratories. Afterwards, it has Nespresso and then merged with Friskies (pet products) and Movenpick ice cream. Nestle created shared value. In 2010 Nestle launched Nestle cocoa plan for farmers to increase productivity. In 2011 Nestle had partnership with Chinese food companies. Product – Main Business of Nestle:

Nestle global uses 10 business principles to guide its action. These principles are: Nutrition, health and wellness,
Quality assurance,
Consumer communication,
Human rights in business activities,
Leadership and personal responsibility,
Health and safety at work,
Supplier and customer relations,
Agriculture and rural development,
Environmental sustainability,
The first seven principles guide how Nestle does business. The last three principles shape how Nestle gives back to community and environment through sustainable, ethical business practices. There is a wide range of variety of products. Few of them are: coffee, water, Ice cream brands, Infant food, Chocolate, confectionary and baked goods, seasonings, Pet care, Cereals, etc. Geographical Presence of Nestle:

The geographical presence of Nestle is worldwide. Nestle is present in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania.
Answer 2:
Mintzberg conducted a research based on structure observation method. Mintzberg observed the daily activities of five executives for a one week period. They all were from five different types of organization: a consulting firm, a school, a technology firm, a consumer goods manufacturer and a hospital. He kept track of all...

References: http://www.nestle.com
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