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Personnel Management
Report on Selection Methods
Joe Faughnan
David Murphy


1. Review of definitions.

2. The main selection criteria:

3.1 Qualifications

3.2 Experience

3.3 Abilities

3.4 Skills

3. The factors that guide the choice of selection methods.

4. Selection methods available to employers:

5.5 Psychometric Tests.

5.6 Interviews.

5.7 Tests.

5.8 Presentations.

1. Review of definitions:
“The process of interviewing and evaluating candidates for a specific job and selecting an individual for employment based on certain criteria. Employee selection can range from a very simple process to a very complicated process depending on the firm hiring and the position. Certain employment laws such as anti-discrimination laws must be obeyed during employee selection”

This definition of selection methods shows that there is a process involved in selecting an individual for a certain role and that it also involves evaluating a candidate on specific criteria. It explains that this process can range from being a very simple process to being a very complicated process depending on the company which is hiring and the position which is being sought-after by the candidate. It goes on to explain that certain employment laws such as anti-discrimination must be obeyed as not to offend the candidate.

“Employee selection is the process of matching people and jobs. The decision-making process in hiring may involve multiple interviews and interviewer ratings, and may make use of various performance tests as well as background and employment checks. Since the employee-selection process involves several factors, companies may have a human resources department handle recruitment, selection and training of employees”.

This definition focuses more on the method of interviewing, testing and matching the right candidate to the job. This definition seems to be more about hard or factual criteria as where background and employment checks are required rather than soft data which would be referred to as a behavioural style interview. As the first definition explains that processes can range from being simple processes to complicated processes this then leads. me to believe that this definition relates to processes that would be less complicated as hard data is easier accessible than soft data.

Selection methods available to employers:
4.1 Psychometric Tests
One of the 4 most commonly used selection methods that employers may choose to use in the recruitment process is psychometric testing. The word psychometric refers to the measurement of the mind. This Method of testing is particularly useful when an employer is assessing a potential candidate for a managerial role where there are specific criteria which are required such as strong team building skills or leadership skills. The attributes which psychometric tests aim to measure include intelligence, motivation and critical reasoning. This method is also used to give an indication of a candidate’s ability to process both verbal and numerical information while working under a time limit. These psychometric tests also provide the employer with information of the candidate’s weak aspects as well as their strong aspects. These tests are very useful when assessing how potential candidates are likely to act. An example of this would be how they behave towards their peers or towards their subordinates. These psychometric tests can often provide the employer with a profile that should be shared with the candidate as the test contains self-perception questions which require validation from the candidate. Feedback of the profile provided form the test should be given to the candidate. The profile is a part of the...
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