Managed care

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health economics Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Managed health care is a system of health care delivery managed by a company aiming mainly at quality/value cost effective services provided to patients. It has been introduced with an intention to avoid paying for unessential facilities and services directly to physicians. It helps in forming an intermediate between patients and physicians in such a way that health insurance organizations pay the physicians from the premiums paid by patients to insurers for the services provided. This helps in monitoring how cost effectively the services are utilized. It is not to be mistaken as health care delivery at discounted prices. It’s goal is to provide quality care at affordable prices by restricting patient’s choice of physicians and physicians limiting their fees. People who seek care in America are mostly enrolled in health care plans such as health maintenance organizations(HMOs) and preferred provider organizations(PPOs).The less common plan people are enrolled in is point-of-service(POS) which has features of both HMO and PPO.HMO provides integrated and preventive care services to voluntarily enrolled families with low premiums within the network of doctors and hospitals that belong to the organization. It requires to select a primary care physician(PCP) who serves as a personal doctor to provide all basic health care services. PCPs include family physicians and internal medicine physicians. Some HMOs consider pediatricians(for children), gynecologists(for women) as PCPs. Before seeing a specialist or for a diagnostic service, it is required to obtain a referral from PCP(“gatekeeper”). If an outside specialist is chosen or referral is not obtained before seeing a specialist, no coverage for services is rendered by HMO. All or most of the cost for the care must be taken care by the individual. In contrast to HMO, with a PPO it is not necessary to select a single doctor as policy holder’s PCP nor is it necessary to...
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