Males vs Females

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LaQuana Pulliam
Male friends vs. Female Friends
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Males vs. Females
Most people have friends. Depending on your gender you may have more female friends or you may have more male friends. I myself have an equal amount of male friends and female friends. Having both gender of friends, is fun. Male’s offers advice that females can’t and females offer advice that males can’t. Males and females are alike and different. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast male and female friends .I’m going to talk about the difference between the males first then the females, either way it goes having both type of gender friends are still fun. Having a male friend is fun. They give you good advice on your relationship, they are able to tell you how a male feel when you do something wrong to your significant other. They can tell you exactly what a male wants in a relationship. You can ask them what they like you to do when you’re having intimacy with your significant other. Basically you can ask a male anything and they won’t lie to you about advice that you’re asking them. The bad thing about having male friends is that they don’t like to go shopping with you. A male will leave the store quickly. Males say they are really listening to you when they are not. The worst thing about having a male friend is that they feelings get in the way and sometimes want to be more than friends, when you don’t feel the same way. They get mad cut you off, and you lose a real good friend. Having a female friend, you can go shopping with them, and they won’t get bored or are ready to leave. You can do each other hair make up or nails. You can borrow each other’s clothes if you’re the same size. They will tell you honestly if something makes you look fat or not. You can talk all day about the littlest things that do not matter. You can talk to each other about your favorite drama reality TV shows. If your boyfriend cheats, they will always be there to go...

References: Kathy Sole (2010) Essentials of College Writing.
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