Male Versus Female Boss

Topics: Human, Male, Gender Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: March 3, 2011
In business world, people tend to choose male more than female as their boss. I personally agree with them because of some reasons. First of all, the effectiveness of work. If we compare between male and female, the result will show that male is more effective on doing business than female because male directly goes to the main point. When males go to a mall and have a plan to buy sport shoes for example. They will directly go to the sport station and buy them without having to choose for a long time. Besides, we know that females like talking a lot. ¹They can produce about 20.000 words a day because their ability to talk lies not only on the left-brain but also on the right brain. While males produce only about 7.000 words a day and their ability to talk lies on the left-brain. Therefore, females will prefer talk first and do everything later. Secondly, a female boss is too sensitive about personal issues. ²When the employees talk about her hair or her clothes, she will think about it repeatedly because she does not want to look bad. Moreover, if something bad happen to her, she will get mad and bad mood so the atmosphere in the work place will not be comfortable anymore. Sometimes, she can stress because of it. Unlike a female boss, a male boss tends not to care so much about the personal issues. He feels comfort with himself because he knows himself more than everyone else does. Therefore, it does not matter what people say about him. Finally, the ways of leading between male and female boss are also different. A female boss tends to be stricter. Look at our mom. She usually wants us not to date before we get high GPA or we have to go home before 9 P.M. She limits us to do something. However, a male boss leads with logical thinking and professionalism. In a certain condition, if males are offered with many food packages. They will think about the portion, the price, and the taste. ³They will use their logical thinking to choose the food...
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