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CHAPTER 1 Early History of Malaysia
1. History has proven that Malaysia is not a new country. Humans have been living in several areas of the country since the Stone Age.
a. Explain the early inhabitants that available in Malaysia and their characteristics. (8 marks)
b. What are the element of similarity among Malay Archipalego (2 marks)
2. According to history, Malacca was founded by Parameswara in 1403 A.D. In the years that followed, Malacca grew into a great Empire in the Malay Archipelago. a. Discuss the Golden Age of Malacca.

(6 marks)
b. Explain the internal factors for the fall of the Malacca Empire ( 4 marks)

3. Malaysia subjected to other powers for about 446 years from 1511 till 1957. a. Explain all five colonists that had colonized Malaysia before this (5 marks)
b. What is LESSONS that can be learnt from the fall of Malacca Empire? (5 marks)

4. Malaysia is classified as one of the Commonwealth countries because Malaysia was once a colonized land
a. Explain the reasons for Portuguese took over Malacca.
(6 marks)
b. What happen to Malay Archipelago when British and Dutch agree to signed THE ANGLO DUTCH TREATY 1824?
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(4 marks)

5. Japanese occupied Malaya for only three and a half years , from 15 February 1942 to 15 August 1945
a. Discuss the reasons WHY Japanese military can conquer Malaya easily? (6 marks)
b. How Japanese army attack Malaya?
(4 marks)

6. Emergency period closely related with the development and activities of Communist party of Malaya
a. Discuss on the activities of Communist Party Of Malaya
(4 marks)
b. Explain any three strategies used by British in opposing MCP (6 marks)

CHAPTER 2 The Struggle for Independence
7. On 1st April 1946, Malayan Union was officially announced after British Military administration was dissolve
a. Describes any four of the FEATURES of the Malayan Union.
(4 marks)
b. Why the Malays opposed the Malayan Union?
(6 marks)

8. Malayan union was setting up by British to govern Malaya. But, the union was opposed by Malayan.
a. Explain any three FACTORS which led to the failure of the Malayan Union. (6 marks)
b. How Malaya people show their opposition toward Malayan Union? (4 marks)
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9. Opposition again Malayan Union by Malays and other races make British come out with new idea.
a. What are idea and MATTERS that being proposed by the committee for the new constitution?
(6 marks)
b. State the reasons for AMCJA and PUTERA opposed the new constitutions? (4 marks)

10. Political parties continued to grow in Malaya. Leaders and members of political parties focused their struggle on protecting the interests of the members and also on striving for the country’s independence.

a. List and briefly explain on the political parties in ALLIANCE (6 marks)
b. What are the two conditions that given by British to Malaya in getting their independency? Is it Malaya successfully fulfill the condition? Explain about it (4 marks)
11. Malaya successfully obtain the trust from British to get our own independency through election.
a. Who are the team members that go to London in February 1956 to negotiate for Malaya’s independence?
(5 marks)
b. Explain the FIVE fundamental principles in the 1957 Malayan Constitution (5 marks)

CHAPTER 3 Systems of Government and National Administrative Structure 12. The selection of Yang di-Pertuan Agong is based on procedures spelt out in the Third Schedule of the Constitution
a. Give three factors that can affect and shortened the period as the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.
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(6 marks)
b. When the turns come, he cannot be Yang Di-Pertuan Agong under several reasons. Give the reasons.
(4 marks)

13. In order to become the Yang-Dipertuan Agong, the candidate’s are selected among the sultans.
a. List and explain the criteria in order to become the Yang...
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