Making a Storyboard

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Storyboard documentation
M.U.G.E.N, (c) Elecbyte 2002
Documentation for version 2002.04.14

Updated 27 October 2001

I. Introduction
II. Getting started
III. How to view storyboards
IV. Storyboard basics
V. Testing your storyboard
A. SceneDef parameter reference
B. Scene parameter reference

==================================================================== I. Introduction

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a way to put together animation and music in M.U.G.E.N, usually in the form of a cutscene.

What do you use storyboards for?

Storyboards can be used in M.U.G.E.N to make cutscenes such as the game introduction, character endings, credits and more.

Some terminology

A cutscene is what you actually see (and hear). An event is point in time to play back a cutscene. A storyboard refers to the .def file that defines what you see during a cutscene. Here is an example: during the ending event, the ending cutscene will be played back. The ending cutscene uses the ending.def storyboard.

==================================================================== II. Getting started

Cutscenes Events

There are several events that trigger cutscenes. The first set is defined in data/system.def, and applies to all characters within the game. This cutscenes in this set are called the "system cutscenes".

Game Logo - played back once when you start M.U.G.E.N
Game Intro - played back after the Game Logo
Default Ending - played back after you beat the game with a
character that does not have a user-defined ending.
Credits - played back after the ending cutscene
Game Over - played back if you choose "No" at the continue screen

The next set is specific to each character, and is define in the character's .def file. For example, Kung Fu Man's is in chars/kfm/kfm.def. These are known as the "character cutscenes".

Character Intro - played back once when you select your character Character Ending - played back when you beat the game. The default ending will not be played back if this cutscene exists

Trying it out

At the command line, type:

mugen -r kfm

This will start the "KFM" motif (for more information on motifs, please read readme.txt). Right away, you will see the game logo, followed by the game intro. After the game intro ends, you will be at the title screen. If you start Arcade mode and choose Kung Fu Man, his character intro will be played, and then the fight begins. If you lose the fight and choose "No" at the continue screen, the game over cutscene is played and you are returned to the title screen. If you win, Kung Fu Man's character ending will be played, followed by the ending credits.

These are where each of the storyboard files are in the KFM motif.

Game Logo - data/kfm/logo.def
Game Intro - data/kfm/intro.def
Default Ending - (none)
Credits - data/kfm/credits.def
Game Over - data/kfm/gameover.def
Character Intro - chars/kfm/intro.def
Character Ending - chars/kfm/ending.def

The storyboard filenames for the system cutscenes are in data/kfm/system.def.

==================================================================== III. How to view storyboards

To play back a storyboard file, use MUGEN's -storyboard command-line option. The syntax is:

mugen -storyboard

For example, to play back data/kfm/intro.def, you would type:

mugen -storyboard data/kfm/intro.def

The storyboard search directory defaults to data/, so you can omit the "data/" part if you like. The following will also play back data/kfm/intro.def:

mugen -storyboard kfm/intro.def

This feature can be useful for quickly testing your storyboards as you...
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