Making a Choice in Life

Topics: United States Navy, United States, Guam Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: July 20, 2009
Making a Choice in Life
The gradual choices we make in our lives today will be a fulfilling reward in the future. After making a dramatic decision in leaving my previous employment after eight years of service, it impacted my current home life as a learning experience. Let me provide a brief history of the events of my personal life. First, in early calendar year 2003, I met my husband in San Diego, California, while he was on active duty with the United States Navy. At the end of the calendar year 2003, he received orders to Guam as his next duty station. My employer allowed me to make a lateral transfer with the opportunity of career advancement to an office located at U.S. Naval Base Guam. We arrived on island on December 2003; eleven months later we united in holy matrimony. After four years on Guam, my husband, a Senior Chief Petty Officer, retired from the U.S. Navy on February 2008. With no delay he immediately made a career change as a military civilian with the U.S. Federal Government. Proud of our accomplishments, we came to a decision to make Guam our retirement home and purchase our first new home last September. With careful consideration regarding our finances and the need to balance career and family life, my husband and I came to an understanding to seek employment closer to home. However, not fully aware of the job competition, due to the lack of experience or education, it resulted with numerous disappointments. Therefore, I quickly examined my options and made a decision to go to college. With no delay, I enrolled into Guam Community College and registered for summer classes to enhance my career milestones. Second, during the past five months, I willingly began to assist my mother in being a caregiver to her companion who was dying of lung cancer. I was oblivious to the events leading to his death since I had no knowledge of the illness and its symptoms. As a hospice patient, it is required to plan your end of life. Keep in mind,...
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