Main long-term causes of WW1

Topics: World War I, World War II, German Empire Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: April 16, 2014
iThe Congress of Vienna in 1814 was created to develop an atmosphere of peace in Europe that would last 100 years. Over time, militarism was starting to set an aggressive atmosphere in Europe. Alliances were beginning to cause a “ripple effect” between the Great Powers, and imperialism increased tension and competition. Militarism, alliances, and imperialism are the three main causes of the first world war. Rising tension among the Great powers had created competition that required only the slightest spark to ignite into what is known as World War I. Imperialism was one of the major causes of WWI because it created competition between the Great Powers, increased chaos in the Balkans, and expanded the European conflict to include the entire world. An example would be the Moroccan Crisis, when Kaiser Wilhelm II visited Morocco to support Moroccan independence from France. France was angered and soon both countries had armies ready for war on their border. The Allies supported France, and Germany was supported by Austria-Hungary. Although the Moroccan Crisis didn’t cause a war, it intensified hostility in Europe even more. The influence European nations had around the world allowed the war to expand outside of Europe. Imperialism was what made World War I a world war. Through militarism, nations had more preparation for war. It created competition for more detailed military plans, and caused an arms race. In the end, it would not have played a large role in causing War World I, but militarism had helped fuel the idea of going to war. Which increased the competition and tension between alliances. Militarism did not only cause a need for more weapons, but more advanced ones. The Great Powers believed that they must have a powerful military in order to have a higher chance of victory. By 1914, all Great Powers, except Britain, had large armies. The buildup of troops caused warlike tensions between the Great Powers that would eventually break out into war. Admiral...
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