Madonna Everlasting

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Madonna’s appeal existed as a result of her music videos and tours which are all a visual experience. Beauty was an important factor why Madonna’s career lasted as long as it did, so it was important that she maintained a healthy looking image to keep her looking young (Sine). As a performer it is important that Madonna maintain a superb physical shape (1094). Learning new dance moves like “krumping” had allowed the pop star to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the exercise of performing the dance, as well as appeal to a younger generation of kids who are into hip hop (Sine). Not only would Madonna spend hours a day perfecting her dance moves, but many of her singles have become the soundtrack to a slew of aerobics and dance classes to this day, further showing her influence over the years (Sine). In her 40’s Madonna would still exercise at least 3 hours a day (Sine). She couples her typical routine with devices like a Gyrotonic Expansion System, which is used to stretch and tone smaller muscles and a Power Plate, which a vibrating platform that supposedly helps promote bone density and fight osteoporosis (Sine). The Daily Mail in Britain reported that Madonna’s workout would begin with yoga, and then Pilates, followed by either, karate, swimming, weightlifting, running, cycling, and occasionally horse riding (Sine). Her regiment gets even more extensive when a tour is coming up (Sine). US Weekly had reported that Madonna was known to ignore doctors’ orders to ease up on her training before a tour; instead she would have 14 hour a day sessions (Sine). Dedication and motivation kept Madonna from falling to the backburner; even with a collarbone injury Madonna continued to exercise, replacing yoga with Pilates and ballet, in order to be in the best shape possible for her single “Hung Up ” (Sine). So dedicated was Madonna to her workouts that one of her previous trainers, Ray Kybartas, commented saying Madonna would refer to their training sessions as “church” (Sine). Not only is Madonna dedicated to her exercise routine, but she is also accredited with commercializing the energetic Ashtanga style of yoga (Sine). Ashtanga is a “method of yoga [that] involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind” (yoga). Not only did yoga keep her in shape, but Madonna had stated “Yoga is very physical and strengthens me from within, not just externally. It helps me be more flexible about how I see the world and other people” (Clerk 2299). Madonna is also accredited with promoting her macrobiotic diet, a Japanese inspired “vegetarian diet [that] is intended to improve overall health and is claimed-without evidence-to help cure diseases, including cancer. Brown rice and whole grains are the foundation of the macrobiotic diet. The diet encourages you to eat certain fresh vegetables and vegetable-based soups. The diet discourages high-fat foods, foods that are extremely cold in temperature, and most animal products, including dairy products and eggs” (Sine). In an interview with Larry King Madonna discussed her eating habits and stated that when she rarely indulges with desert it is merely a piece of toast with strawberry jam (Sine). In a separate interview Madonna stated that she rarely ate restaurant food because she would rather know what’s in it; the food she would consume was vital to her lifestyle, appearance and her performance (Andrew). For many women in their 50’s it would be hard to look and perform like a 20 year old, who is at the peak of their physical fitness (Sine). Today many factors work against Madonna in her ability to maintain her beauty and performance abilities (Sine). For one, according to Barbara Bushman, professor of health and physical education at Missouri State University, maximum oxygen...
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