Mad Men Socially Deconstructed

Topics: Social media, Google, Facebook Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: June 12, 2014
The Filter Bubble Reflection: What does it have to do with Media, Culture & Society? After having read the filter bubble, I strongly feel enlightened in a way I never thought possible earlier. We are surrounded by media not only on just a day and night basis, but on a minute to minute or literally second to second basis. In today’s world of a constant need for information in the fastest and the most convenient ways possible, one unknowingly becomes accustomed to living in a bubble of information, ideas, knowledge, concepts, facts, news, current political affairs, entertainment etc. catered to one’s individual needs and not a holistic picture of the world that one lives in. I strongly feel that the filter bubble or in other words, the miniature world that is literally separated from the rest of the world, that unwillingly gets created for us while we perform searches about any which topic, location we mostly log on to our computers/laptops/cell phones/tablets etc from, our gender, our race, occupation, economic status, education, our political preference, our travel destinations, our social media such as Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Pinterest/Soundcloud etc is greatly limiting us from accessing everything outside of our comfort zone and is preventing us from learning the whole, unbiased truth behind various topics we search for. Eli Pariser does an amazing job of explaining to the masses how Google and Facebook utilize our each and every move and click on the web to tailor our future learning, cultural, political, and leisure experiences. The book depicts how with all kinds of information we search for and connections we try to maintain on social media websites, we are actually welcoming Google and Facebook to limit us from learning anything new outside of what we already know. Google being the absolute largest search engine that I lean towards quite possibly numerous times a day is showing me only what I want to see according to what I have wanted to see...
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