Macro levels

Topics: Alcohol law, Alcoholic beverage, Blood alcohol content Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Country Risk Assessment through Macro level factors:
Foreign business operations and investments are affected by societal actions and policies, as well as, governmental regulations and restrictions; macro level factors act external to the company and are quite uncontrollable Youtoi must be conscious that these factors do not affect the marketing ability of the concern directly but indirectly the influence marketing decisions of the company. These are the macro level factors that should be obtained before introducing product in Germany. They can affect the company’s marketing decisions: a) Demographic Forces: Here, Youtoi should monitor the population such as: The size and growth rate of population especially young age group in different cities, regions to forecast the development of market. Educational levels to assess consciousness about drinking and driving. Household’s patterns: The legal drinking age in Germany is sixteen, but children as young as fourteen may drink alcohol if they are accompanied by their parents. And regional characteristics and movements: Alcopops or alcohol mixed with soda pop has become increasingly popular regarding youth consumption of alcohol in German market. It may be a potential sign for breathalyzer product. b) Political and Legal Forces: Developments in political and legal field greatly affect the marketing decisions. These variables create tremendous pressures on marketing management. "The legal limit in Germany is 0.05 blood alcohol content; penalties can be assessed for blood alcohol content as low as 0.03, however if there are signs of driving impairment. The German government has recently moved to adopt a zero-tolerance policy regarding young driver. Under this initiative, young driver that have had a license less than two years face a fine of up to 125 euros (about 170$) and license probation extension of four years." It may be a good opportunity for Youtoi to market the voluntary breathalyzer. However, Youtoi also...
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